#8 Another Friend Says : "As If My Conscience was being Infected"

"Is it just me that hate it when people told me to do something when I'm about to do it. It seems like, I would do it just because they command me 😢." - Eska Lubis.

When she said that on her Line in 2017 ago, I feel I'm being tickled on my ears. I feel I knew what she felt on that time. And, need few months, I very feel she said the true. Cuz, it feels hurt when we have to do something, but it is not from our own words. I deeply mean, from deep inside my heart. 

Hufftt. As if my consciensce had been infected. So then, they assume it's dangerous if I follow my own heart. 


It's like a kuli who only do something if they already received a command. They are on the checkmate (or awkward, maybe) situation if they don't want to follow. They already knew it's wrong. But what can they do? Nothing, except they fully follow it. 

In fact, Eska is the one I meant in this post. It's truly her words. I mean, it is: "Kalau aku sih, udah tahu obrolannya sifatnya privasi, aku mending tutup kuping aku pakai headset."

Sis, thank for your pict whom you sent to me. It already saved my writer life. Anyway, this is Eska.



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