Is It Really a Hunch?

The living room of my house.

June 11, 2013.  A chandelier in my house was suddenly fallen down. In that time, I just went home from visiting an internet cafe where it was located such near my house (I surfed for 3-4 hours). 1-2 km from my house. Before it fell down, I was having fun with my notebook (The Quantel). I was listening some songs (Hell yeah, it's J-Pop). So fun, so serious. Then, it fell down. I was very shocked when it fell down. That sound  was like a thunder for me. Very loud to hear. Because of that, I directly went to the living room of my house. Holy shit, that chandelier fell down. Very misterious. In fact, in that time, no wind, the weather was so hot. For me, it was very odd for a chandelier falling down. And, the one only which was fallen down.

More very strangely, one weeks again, in tuesday, at a same internet cafe (it's named Warnet Mamake), DeTeens sent me a reply. They accepted my novel (yeah, it's "Misi Terakhir Rafael: Cinta Tak Pernah Pergi Jauh"). Wow, so fast! No need a long time to get the answer. Just 2-3 weeks. I was very lucky. Just for your information, we need to wait for 2-3 months to get an answer from the publisher since we sent ours.  


Is it really a hunch? It's a very miracle, I guess. In that time, I was very thankful to God. But when I was thinking about it very thousand times, I had never known how God's hand worked. Everything works very misteriously (from a unlighten place). Haha. How silly idea!   

One month again,.....


Sudah lama aku tak menulis dengan bahasa Inggris di sini. Terakhir, yah 2014 kemarin itu. Aku lagi pengin menulis dengan bahasa Inggris saja. Hehe. Sama seperti saat itu, yang mendadak aku pengin lebih sering menulis dengan bahasa Inggris. Eh, betulan keterusan, sepanjang 2014, aku lebih sering menulis dengan bahasa Inggris. Dan, saat itu, aku sangat merasa bahwa segala tulisan bahasa Inggris aku itu seperti tengah dibaca oleh banyak orang asing. Haha. Terakhir, mungkin ke depannya aku bakal lebih sering menulis dengan bahasa Inggris lagi.



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