Relationship with Anyone

You cannot trust anyone. You cannot make anyone is liking you. Be friend with everyone in the whole world, yeah I believe right now, it's mission imposible.

Sometimes, when you  try to be nice with anyone, the one even sees that you are having bad thing with he/she. And, it does work otherwise. It's very hurt. But it is getting more, if we get the bad when we are doing the good to anyone.

Got it?

Ummpphh, it is the kind of mind when I was a student. But, in this state of whole mine, I just awaked that it was true. Very true indeed. Yeah, guys, it's sourced from 100% true experience.  And, maybe when it came to my mind very glimpsely, it's just dirty little minds. But, day by day, in my whole age, I feel it's very true. I too often be like that case. I mean, it's like in the first paragraph.

Well, sometimes we have the moment at first. Sometimes we have the moment in the next time. Sometimes we get the lesson at first. Sometimes we already got the lesson after having the moment.

Yeah, that's life, guys. C'est la vie.

Thank for a girl who taught me that lesson many years ago. You are the best! 💙



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