Happy Birthday, Dave!

Hey, Dude! 

This is 1st October, 2018. Your birthday is on this day, right? 'Kesaktian Pancasila' day, too (yeah, if we still use that old). Haha. Anyway, I do still remember your birthday, because your birthday is on the first day of October, even my second big sister's birthday, Irna Silawaty (happy birthday for her, too; the same wish for her either) is on the same day either. The another reason: yeah, because you are one of my besties. I even think you as my real big brother. Haha. Yeah, you and me are the same age. We are 1988 class. Lol. 

Well, happy birthday for you, Dave. Wish you all the best. God bless you, too (and for your family either). Godspeed, too. For the gift: that photo. Do you remember the moment behind that photo? 

16th June, 2015.  When I went to Bogor first time, just visiting you. Backwards, you even guided me for how I  could go there. Just for your information, I took a lot of struggle for visiting you only. But, thank Lord, I arrived in Botani Square and chit-chated with you. We spend 3-4 hours in there. And, it became one of the fabulous visit of my life. It's true INDEED. 

Hopefully you get very entertained with my very simple gift. Amen. 



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