The Both of AFA ID 2015 and Comic Con

The Good News: Yesterday I visited Comic Con. And... HAHAHA! Succesfully tricking three random Indonesian people. The story is the way I pretended to be a foreigner--from Singapore. I used my English skill. And then, they believed me that I was a Singaporean. In fact, one of them first judged me Singaporean with Singlish. Wow! Does my face look like a Singaporean, guys? So funny! So exciting! So thrilling either! Lol. 

One of my victim.

The Bad News: In fact, I have one thing made me very crazy. But I choose to put that off-the-record. Sorry, all! -_-

The Conclusion: The both of Comic Con and AFA Indonesia 2015, just already made my saturday day very wonderful!!! I love those! Like I'm being on the heaven!!! ROTFL!

Hahaha! Long time no write as I wrote in the previous paragraphs. I used to write that way based on Sanchia's to write her post. Yeah, I got interested to copy her style. So unique, I guess. I might copy her style, but I kept my style, too. Hahaha. 

Anyway, enough for the silly chat. Okay, get ready to the main original topic of the post. Hell yeah, I'm about to share my photos during visiting JI EXPO. And... here they are!!! Check them out!! Please enjoy, too!!! ^_^

Top 20 of Comic Con

What a big clash!!!

Little Zombie

Pose before action.

The king.

Let's build the building!

Keep out this zombie!

A scar.

Guess what--this is real monkey or not? :p

Kuchisake otoko. Lol.

He said, "Arrrgh... I need a flesh... I need a flesh!!!

He's playing lego.

A show for the crowded.

Let's play together, kiddo!

An assasin.

"Tell those to the judge, man!"

"Somebody helps me! Please!!!"


Bima plays the sword.

Doc Oct.

 Top 20 of AFA ID 2015

Sketching a manga.

A hijaber.

Musa is ready to fight.

Pensiving the circumstance.

She said, "Boku no CD wo kaimasu shite no arigatou!"


Need a mercy as soon as possible.

The mask.

"I'm dreaming I am gonna be pretty like this cute doll." said the vendor.

Pink Babies in action.

The more afternoon comes, the more the crowded the venue is.

The locket for the both.

The guardian of the booth. Lol.

How sweet doll! xD



Laughing before the show.

Ita Car.

Center of attention.

"Hello, my name's Ayu!"



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