Ennichisai 2015

Yesterday, I visited Ennichisai, a kind of Japanese summer festival. It's located in Blok M, Jakarta Selatan. It happened since 11 AM till 20.30 PM. Wow, guys, the situation was really so crowded and fantastic. I even got dehydration in there. But I was very happy. Hahaha. 

Anyway, Ennichisai already started since 2011. And then, a whole Jakarta governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama wanted to decline this event. The reason: making the situation crowded and creating traffic. Thank God, it never happened. I think, this event doesn't waste at all. It has the function as a string between Indonesia and Japan. It also gives an entertainment to the society in the place around. 


Okay, guys, no need to make silly prelude, you better check them out. Enjoy, please. By the way, there is four categories I made. First, about Japan culture. Second, cosplayer. Third, pop culture. Fourth, out of the the others. Hehehe.

For your information, and from my friend's information, Ennichisai is located in Blok M, because Blok M is a place where the most of Japaneses live. In Blok M, there are so lot of Japanese offices. That's why Blok M is called as 'Little Tokyo'.

More and more, check those out. Enjoy my photos, please!

Japan Culture


Pop Culture

The Others


  1. I dont know, a kind festival from other country celebrate in Indonesia, it looks like our culture attacked.
    Hope, we can protect our culture.
    - au ah susah nulis inggris, lama gak digunakan. :'(

    1. Sebetulnya nggak ada kebudayaan yang diserang, kok. Di luar negeri, justru kebudayaan indonesia sering dipertontonkan dan banyak lho peminatnya. Nggak sedikit. Gue sih berusaha lihat sisi positifnya aja. Ya itung2 juga acara model begini tuh kasih hiburan dan rejeki juga ke masyarakat Indonesia.

  2. Keren nih! :D

    Dulu pas bunkasai tahun panitia ku, ada jugak ngadain festival ini, Nuel.. Yah.. Tapi ngga terlalu oke sih, wong dananya pas-pasan.. Wkwkwk :D


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