Obsession of Nat-Geo-Photographer Wannabe

Nowadays, I'm having a new obsession. Photography, I mean. And, you know, I feel as if I was turning into a kid again. Cuz, photography is my old passion. I remember that I always brought a pocket camera to anywhere. I used to take a lot of photos. Everything I could take the picture. Landscape, people, doll, toy, and... anything I loved to take. Hahaha. 

Oh God, thank you. Thank for reminding me about the old passion. I think, since I was making me so stuck in 'writing',  I got forgotten to photography world. I get forgotten how so exiting when we touch a camera and take a lot of pictures. Especially for the candid camera activity. Lol. 

And, these are the pictures I got when I visited Ragunan zoo (on 16th April, 2015). Enjoy! And sorry if all of you think them are just ordinary things. Well, I'm even just studying about photography very seriously. 

Once again, check these out and enjoy!

Anyway, guys, when I was in the Ragunan, while bringing the camera, as if I was Nat-Geo photographer. In fact, I have not been into. But maybe, someday, I will. Amen!

FYI! Ragunan Zoo is located in No.1 Harsono Way, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta. 

If you'd like to see my other photos (when I was in the Ragunan zoo), please check them out on my Instagram. Okay? =D


  1. cool photos
    gambar lo udah mulai HD ya bang. Keep it up!

    Btw di beberapa foto blur-blur gitu. misalnya kayak foto orangutan sama kancil
    Menurut gue mending coba pake pengaturan otomatis aja deh bang. pasti lebih jernih

  2. Terima Kasih ATas infonya, bermamfaat dan menambah wawasan.....
    Salam Kenal Dan Salam Sukses.....

  3. Saya lagi hobi ngumpulin majalah Natgeo, khususnya Travel. Beli yg bekas.
    Ngeliat foto secara print out ngebantu kita dapet inspirasi buat framing foto yg baik, kayak juxtaposition, lighting, color theory.
    Kalau pake dslr saya paling seneng pake mode aperture priority.

  4. Semoga impian mu bisa tercapai ya, Nuel. Terus praktik en praktik. Kalok ada rejeki, bisa beneran fokus belajar fotografi belik lensa 70-200 mm sama 50 mm fix. :D Ohya, biasanya yang fotografer Natgeo pakek kamera fullframe :D


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