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"Please don't take those very serious and personal."@NuelLubis

I have a friend. Maybe he's my best friend. Cuz, he does really care about me -- and understand the most between my other best friends. And, even he's like a good listener, but... yeah, no ivory can't be broken (Indonesian proverb which means nobody's perfect), he has the weakness. Like me, he has some weaknesses either. But, by this post, I won't mock him. No and never. I just... mention one little of his weakness. Actually, I guess, it's not his weakness. Ummph...

Okay, I'd rather to tell that very clearly.

All of you can call him as Phineas. Last year, he already got a bad moment. Her mother was died for a serious ill. It's a pity! He had the bad thing while he was trying to get a master of law. Wow, that's a very good hit! Fortunately, he had not been KO. Till now, he's still very fine. Although, he gets so depressed. He has to pass the biggest obstacle for just graduating. Guys, please wish him luck. He-he-he.

Anyway, when you look at him, I assure you -- especially for the women -- are about to gaze him so bad. I'm not a gay, but I love watching his look. Yeah, I think, he's very handsome -- and has a nice body. Sometimes I always get a conclusion that he loves visiting a gym center. Ha-ha-ha. In fact, I got it totally wrong. He didn't often have a gym. Nevertheless, he's still very charming guy. He's such sturdy, he always gives you a cool look, and he's such a wise by his words. Oh, he's very fluently to speak English and write a fictional story.

By those of the positive things, he had better end up a very optimmistic guy; more optimmistic than me. Otherwise, o-mi-gosh... please Jesus, are you kidding me? He's very jaded over me, guys. Very-very-very pessimistic. I always said that he's very talented. He had some of the excellences, as I said backward. But he always said that he's not a spectacular guy, as I tend to think about him. Always being a modest guy. Very-very-quite modest.

But, there's always a reason behind a thing. His modesty was caused by his family.He ever told that he had a strict father. His father watched him very bad. All of you wouldn't be sure believe if I told that his father questioned his down picture of BBM. Yeah, guys, that happened. Not only the father treated him so hard, but also his family did either. Whatever he did on social media, his family always watched and made him uneasy. For that reason, he made the other Facebook accounts, and no adding his family members to the friend list.

No-no-no... I think, that's not so rude. That's not so impolite, too. He -- and me, too -- has a right to have private zone. Yeah, private zone which is far-far away from our family. Sometimes, it's getting quite disgusting when one of the our family members watches us by either online or offline. For me privately, I'd rather to have a quality time with my family by offline. I don't really want involve my family to my other life, include my online life. Moreover, in the special way either my dad or my mum is so preachy and loves
babbling. Trust me, guys, we can get uneasy when we put some of the family members into our friend list. That's very awkward to update our social media. It's much more very exciting if no one of the our family members in the timeline.

From Kompas which is published on 2nd November, 2014.

Like the experience I got. On the afternoon, my mum came to my room. She abruptly said that there was a woman who had me to end up her gossip material. She pried one of my Facebook status on my mum. Oh man, why most of the women love having gossip? Then, I think, the status which I wrote was very normal. Was it wrong if I wrote: "Depend on my book I read, looking at the woman's breast can extend our life"? Please, ladies and gentleman, The status hasn't been proving my identity as either an pervert or lecher. I used to quote the information from a magazine. Besides I wrote that for just a fun merely, I would share anything I already known. Has is it got totally wrong? Tell me where the mistake is.

Except of the woman whom my mum had gossip with, sometimes I got fed-up with anyone who were so serious to respond my Facebook status (include the both of my tweets and blog posts, too!). They seemed they insisted me to write what they would see. Hey, dude, that is my Facebook account. I had a right to fill it up depend on my own will. Also, I had a right to blow up my mind into a status, even it contained very subjective opinion. For me, every social media is a place where I can express myself further. When anyone judges my posts too far, I seem I'm being surpressed. So then, I choose a condition where everyone I know won't have my posts to end up gossip material merely. I'm too ashamed to talk about my posts in the real life further.

And, I'm totally different with me past. I already knew the restriction whether I may publish the information or not. Right now, I'm getting more selective within post anything into internet. Since 2013, I've been preventing myself from anything about grumbling, talking about my very personal life, or gossiping anyone. I prevented some topics to be appointed into social media, such as religion, politic, and anything I haven't known very well. Trust me, I write  this post very honestly, guys.

Guys, oh guys, all of you have to know these:

  • When I write 'boobs' on one of my social media, it doesn't mean I'm a pervert. 
  • When I quote the bible verse, it doesn't mean I'm religious guy.
  • When I write anything in the capital letter, it doesn't mean I'm being in the anger. 
  • When I'm talking about a music group the often, it doesn't mean I'm the fans of the music group. 
  • When I look like a moaning guy the often, it doesn't mean I'm a looser. 

So then, please don't take my post very amazingly serious and personal. Even I post anything on business purpose, I prefer you won't think the post as a very critically serious thing. Be at ease, guys. Slow down. Take it easy. And, I'll give you my secret. The secret is: I'd rather to share anything where I can discuss with. I love gaining new knowledge from reading the replies on my post. I love having brainstorming the most. 

Anyway, last but not least, although I write the post from my own side, it's not a big mistake if you generalize the post to everyone. I guess, no taking a post very serious and personal is very good idea. Be relax while you're having diving on internet. 


  1. baru kali ini gak tau harus komen apa.
    gak ngerti :D

  2. Yess ini membicarakan masalah status di akun sosmed manapun mengenai akun siapapun termasuk akun diri kita saat mau membuat status apapun, gak terbatas tulisan tp juga foto. Memang setelah dunia serba digital itu manusia jadi semakin aneh (menurut pengalaman diri sendiri), menjadi diri yg lain, menjadi lebih hebat, menjadi apalah meski kenyataan jauh banget. Kita nulis begini salah mau begitu pun juga salah.

  3. Orang lebih gampang ngejudge, dan lebih gampang bikin pencitraan :)

  4. Hahaha.... tapi memang begitulah sekarang cara orang menilai. Mereka melihat apa yg kita tulis di media sosial, lalu dengan seenaknya menyambung-nyambungkan....

    Aku sendiri lagi jarang ngepost di FB atau Twitter nih... :D


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