I and Hunch

Do you believe in hunch? For all of you, my loyal readers, you may call it 'firasat'. Errr... it's a condition where you feel uneasy before you will have done the activity. For example: you will have had a plan to do -- go to work place, such as. But abruptly you feel uneasy. You feel that something bad would happen. So then, you stop and choose to stay at your private room. Several hours, ta-ra, it come true. You're just safe for your own hunch.

Anyway, I have an interesting story for all of you. I got this from a web (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/29/10-year-old-boy-saves-neighbor-danny-dipietro_n_4688470.html).

A 10-year-old Michigan boy is being hailed as a hero after spotting something peculiar while his father drove him home Saturday evening. Though he initially thought it was dog, it turned out to be an 80-year-old neighbor who had fallen on some ice in her garage, Howell radio station WHMI-FM reports.  
"It was late at night and super cold out and their garage was open and something just didn't feel right," young Danny DiPietro told local ABC affiliate WXYZ-TV.  
DiPietro later pestered his mother, Dawn, to check it out. She was hesitant at first, but relented and took the family dog for a walk near the condominiums to allay her son's concern.
That's when she spotted a barefoot woman on the floor of the garage, waving her hands for help. DiPietro raced back to her home to call 911 and sent her husband to cover the woman with blankets while they waited for emergency services to arrive. The woman eventually was rushed to a local hospital and treated for hypothermia.  
Michigan has been plagued by bitter cold over the last week, with temperatures dropping to record-breaking lows Tuesday. 
The 80-year-old woman, who lives alone, was identified by WXYZ as Kathleen St. Onge. She had slipped on an icy spot and, unable to get up, was stranded in the cold on the floor of her open garage for about two-and-a-half hours. But thanks to the 10-year-old's keen observation skills and persistence, it wasn't long before help was on the way.  
"He saved her life, that’s for sure," the woman's daughter, Sandy Mitter, told Gannett Co. newspapers. "And I don’t even have the words to say how grateful we are."

Wow! I guess, if Danny didn't follow his hunch, Mrs. Kathleen had not been saved. She was probably died for the fucking shit temperature.

Sometimes, in the whole world, we're very hard to follow our hunch or intuition. Maybe, we feel that the hunch is just merely an imagination. Merely a fantasy. Yeah, I know. The both of hunch and imagination are such little same. They have not showed the difference a lot. That's why (maybe) anyone who believes in the hunch, tends to get a nick -- melancholic, dreamer, or (little harsh) nuts.

Anyway, I have a same experience with Danny. Till now, I often get lot of hunches. And, when I follow the hunch, most of them come true. I don't lie to you all. When ever I get the hunch, and the hunch is something negative, I tend to get uneasy.

But, the problem is..... I often get pesimmistic to my own hunch. Especially for the moment I tell the hunch to anyone; and the one won't believe my story. After that, as the consquence, I seems to get karma. I start to regret my decision -- Why shouldn't I follow my intuition first?

In addition, there are some conditions where I choose to be led by my own hunch. So then, soon, my hunch will turn out to be an intuition. I'm very grateful for the hunch. By several times, I'm being saved by my own hunch. Check my experience out!

Several days ago (16th September, 2014), I checked my e-mail. I got an interesting job offer from a web which is visited by the job-seekers frequently. I loved the qualification. It needed the one who admired writing world. They was searching anyone for the job: content writer. And they said that they had worked in a corporation which was owned by a famous motivator. I did really interested. But when I rechecked that anymore, I felt so strange. I found out the awkwardness. Between the written address and the map are quite different. The written address was on the Tangerang. The map was on the Central Jakarta. I got suspicious. Moreover, the famous motivator whose they lent the name, had the different site from their corporation. Totally different. I start getting suspicious: maybe they are just a scam.

After that, I soon asked some of my friends. Most of them told me that the job was really safe at all. They asked me to take the offer. Meanwhile, some of my friends gave to me a warning. And the minority ones was parallel to my hunch/intuition.  I didn't know why I had to choose obeying the minority ones' opinions. So, after I had already checked the truth of the job very carefully, wow... thank God, you just saved me from (maybe) scam.

The experience has been recalling to the same experience on June 2012. I succesfully escaped from the employment scams. A corporation called me. They said that I had to come to their place. But I had a bad feeling; because I also felt that I never sent my application to them. Soon I rechecked on internet. Idly I googled the number. Ta-da! The number and the corporation were fake. I got the information about the employment scams. Thank God. You are so very kind to me. They were actually a scam.

Actually, I have the lot of experience about hunch. Either it's a positive or negative. I always be in the secure situation for following my own hunch. And I'm pretty thankful for having the strong intuition indeed. But, otherwise, I also felt disappointed for having the strong intuition. I feel I was being slaved. The hunch makes me to step cross very carefully. A friend ever called me telmi (telat mikir or slow thinking). In his eyes, I look like very insecure guy.


Guys, have you ever had the experience about hunch, too? Please, tell me. Feel free-lah. Ha-ha-ha.


  1. semua manusia sepertinya di anugrahi firasat, tinggal bagaimana dia mengasah dan melatihnya agar firasatnya tersebut menjadi tajam....setajam silet

  2. Sialan. Teksnya panjang, dan bahasa Inggris pula. Dikit-dikit buka kamus nih :))

    Perihal firasat, mmm... pada dasarnya aku sering kepikiran yg aneh-aneh sih. Belum apa-apa udah khawatir dgn sesuatu, semacam parno gitu. Jadi biasanya aku abaikan aja. Kalau nggak, nanti aku nggak maju-maju. Nanti kalau sesuatu yg celaka benar-benar mendatangiku, yah aku serahkan aja semuanya kepada Tuhan :D

  3. Aku pribadi lumayan percaya, Nuel.. Karena ada beberapa yg kejadian. Lumayan serem jugak jadinya sih. Ngga akan aku lanjutin deh, daripada jadi ngga tenang :(


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