I am lucky charm guy, but need to struggle so hard

Several times ago, glimpsely I thinked of one idea. I wish internet had been booming on my childhood. I wish I had already found out my passion since I was a elementary school student. Or, if I had born on this era (2000's, I mean), I guess, it would have been different.

I wish.

I wish.

I wish.

Yeah, I can't change the past. And here I am right now. I am twenty six years old. I am a bad luck  writer. I still pursue my dreams. Till of when, I must struggle so hard?

Sometimes I take one idea. It is: maybe I am the kind of human who has to struggle for anything silly. It's included for everything. I have to struggle so hard; really so hard beyond the normal human. It's probably my destiny; not just a merely fate.

For example: the last day experience. Since 07:00 AM, I had to go out. I had an obligation to send the special package to the winner of my give away. What a pity! No delivery services opened at the sort of hours. Shit! Why some of Indonesian has the bad habit? So lazy to open the business so early. They always open the business when the sun is on the our head precisely.

For half of hour, I couldn't find out the delivery service who was available. So then, and it was 08:00 AM, I thinked of going to the officialy Indonesian post office (In Indonesian, Kantor Pos Indonesia). At the time, I guess, if I went to go there, my problem would be fixed. I could go home. I could save my time to do other interesting things. Such as, watching some of movies.

Unfortunately, God wouldn't permit me to have fun on the shinning morning. He gave a temptation. No, no, no. He wouldn't. Exactly, God permit the devil to test me. Whether I could survive or not.

Accidentally I even got astray. I guess, I had already taken the right decision. In fact, I got lost and needed to escape from the maze for thirty minutes approximately. For your information, at the first place, I had gone to the office from one place near Penabur school -- who is located on Modernland. And the post office is located in Cipete. If we ride on the bike, we need fifteen minutes to reach there. And I reached there by my bicycle. How tired me! Shit! Either so stupid me is.

Arriving in the office, I needed to queue. No problem. It wasn't a big deal for me. The big deal was.... the employee said to me that something error had been go on. Oh shit!

At the kind of chaos time, I thinked that I had to go back to Modernland. Yeah, there the place is, I continued my adventure. For this time, I just needed fifteen minutes to come back. But I needed forty five minutes again to wait for JNE opening. I could go home when it was over 10 AM.

Wow, man! I need to sweat more for reaching my goal. Maybe, in your ear, the story is quite exaggerating. No, I am not exaggerated to tell this. The fact, I really need to struggle very hard for either my goals or dreams. Included for the silly things like this story.

Yeah, I have lucky charm indeed. I always succesfully escape from the terrible and horrible incidents (Because of that, I can survive till the second -- while crossing the passion). Nevertheless, I can't use the lucky charm everytime. If I could, I would have not gone through all of the fucking shit situation. No need to be stress everyday. For reaching my goal, I need to effort for those very quite hard beyond the normal human.

Beside that, I'm probably a kind of rainy guy (Lending a terminology from 'Doraemon'); a sort of guy who have to get pessimistic to get what he wants. Yeah, here I am. When I get optimistic very hard, occasionally anything I want will be going away from me. When I get pessimistic and almost surrender, that will be coming near me in the unpredictable way.

That's really true indeed, guys. Here I am -- a lucky charm guy who always effort for the goals very quite hard. What ever, if you want to think of me as anything you want

And I live for the dreams.



  1. Semangat, Bro! Segala perjuangan kita saat ini bisa jadi cerita indah dan menarik di masa depan.... :)

  2. Segalanya dimulai dari mimpi kok. Semangat, Nuel! ^^

  3. Karakter kamu berarti agak2 mirip aku sebenernya, hehehe :D

  4. haduuuh... mas... sori yaa... baca paragrap pertama saja saya sudah pussing...
    saya nggak begitu paham bahasa inggris...
    yang penting saya komen dulu ya...
    soalnya butuh seharian memahami postingan edisi bahasa inggris ini

  5. Everything need process, bahkan sebuah mie Instant butuh waktu 5 menit utk matang :)

    Salam kenal Immanuel, first time visit here. Kami tunggu kunjungannya ke web kami ya www.smansa-radio.com

  6. So, keep struggling Bray! Common habit can't change you if you focus to what you want. :-) May all of your dream to become true!

  7. Selama masih punya mimpi dan jatah umur, kenapa harus risih? Waktu terus bergerak, jangan buang energi percuma. Semangat bang nuel!


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