(Maybe) This is the Africa-descent Squad on World Cup 2014

Yeay! World cup, World Cup, World Cup. Soccer fever again. And, for the first time -- along my life, most of the match is held on the morning. I don't need to stay up anymore. Ha-ha-ha.

Anyway, do you know? Actually, African teams have the chance to win World Cup. Yeah, I said the way, because Africa has been producing lot of very skilled players. Unfortunately, Europe already robbed the amazing talented ones. History has proved it. For example: Eusebio. The legend of Portugal was born on Mozambique. If Eusebio chose to play for Mozambique, World Cup 1966 would have the different fact. Maybe.

In addition to, France could be World Cup 1998 for Africa either. Aime Jacquet's squad had so lot Africa-descent players like Zinedine Zidane (Algeire), Marcel Desailly (Ghana), Sabri Lamouchi (Tunisia), and Patrick Vieira (Senegal).

And... the other samples... the whole time, such a lot European teams have been hiring Africa-descent player. France is the country which still keep hiring them. Most of France national team player is come from Africa -- immigrant. Karim Benzema (Algeire), Bacary Sagna (Senegal), and Rio Mavuba (Zaire-Angola). That's some samples, and many more.

The other team: Belgium. They are same fate with France. So lot Africa-descent players within the team. We can find out the name like Romelu Lukaku (Zaire), Moussa Dembele (Mali), Nacer Chadli(Morocco), Marouane Feillani (Morocco), till Vincent Kompany who has Congolese father.

Not only for both France and Belgium, we still can find out Africa-descent on the other World Cup contestants. Italia has Mario Balotelli (Ghana). England has Danny Welbeck (Ghana). Terence Kongolo (Congo, as his clan is) on the Netherland. Luis Nani, a Cape-Verde descent who plays for Portugal. Johan Djourou -- from Côte d'Ivoire -- is for Switzerland.

So lot Africa-descents within some European teams. Ha-ha-ha. Trust me, I can arrange a squad from the footage. Minus goalkeeper only. Because I haven't found out the Africa-descent goalkeeper. =D

Check my squad out, guys!

Goalkeeper: (Unfortunately, Didier has been not recruiting Steve Mandanda (Congo-descent) to the team) 
Defender: (Right to left) Johan Djourou (Switzerland/Côte d'Ivoire) - Vincent Kompany (Belgium/Congo) - Patrice Evra (France/Senegal) 
Midfielder: (Right to left) Marouane Feillani (Belgium/Morocco) - Gelson Fernandes (Switzerland/Cape Verde) - Paul Pogba (France/Guinea) - Moussa Sissoko (France/Mali) - Luis Nani (Portugal/Cape Verde) 
Forward: Mario Balotelli (Italia/Ghana) - Danny Welbeck (England/Ghana)

Ha-ha-ha. So lots, right? That's why I said that Africa had chance to win World Cup. Hopefully, next time, Countries from Africa had better carefully control the situation. Protect the talented ones from  European's grip. As soon as possible, most of Africa coach must hire Africa-descent players who have amazing skill. I'd rather to look an African-team-who-has-amazing-skill-but-Europe-born, instead of watching a Europe-team-who-has-so-lot-Africa-descents. He-he-he.

Last but not least, anyway, Marc Wilmots has been not hiring Radja Nainggolan. Hu-hu-hu. Whereas, that's an oportunity for Indonesia to show one of the best generation (undirectly). =D

By the way, I'll give all of you some intermezos about World Cup either. Check them out!

Japanese fans stayed behind after the game last night to clean their section of the stadium. Class act.

World Cup comes to Indonesia while campaign for president election.

Drogba effect. When Drogba plays in. Ivory Coast win.

5-numbered Japan player is a new Doraemon, in fact. Lol. 

A joke which is sourced from Pirlo's position on the field. 

Messi is too-amazing player, I guess.

I guess, Fernando Torres and Hidetoshi Nakata only who are Captain Tsubasa's fans. Podolski is the fans either. Especially fans for Kojiro Hyuga, rival for Tsubasa Ozora. =D

Andres Iniesta is actually from Nankatsu. Ha-ha-ha. Just kidding, guys! =D


  1. Balotelli itu pasangannya yang cocok Rooney bro

  2. hahaha bawa pintu doraemon. btw boleh juga ditiru fansnya Jepang untuk membersihkan sampah setelah pertandingan

  3. Wih, ternyata situ pengamat sepak bola yg baik. Aku nggak hapal pemain-pemain Afrikan, hehe....

    Itu suporternya Jepang keren banget.... :O

    1. Hahaha.... Iya dari SMP, aku sudah suka mengamati perkembangan dunia sepakbola sih. =D

  4. Pirlo keren banget tuh gambarnya, haha.. Ballo sama Wellbeck ya duet, keren juga. Dijamin lawan bingung.. :D

  5. Bahahah.. Ada Kapten Tsubasa pahlawan kita juga, Bang.. :D

  6. ternyata abang yang satu ini pengamat sepak bola yang hebat ya

  7. ga ngerti bola sama sekali hiks :(

  8. dukung siapa nih nuel jadi pemenang piala dunia 2014?

  9. LOL.

    Btw gue gak begitu suka sepak bola
    asikan baca hehehhee

    1. ikutan juga :D
      aku juga ga seberapa suka sepak bola
      hanya suka liat skornya atau finalnya aja

    2. Aku juga lebih sukanya liat bagian pas golnya aja. Sama kalau lagi ada yang kena kartu. Jujur, nonton bola tuh serunya di situ. Hahaha

  10. gue lagi di brasil nih, mau nitip oleh oleh apa bro??


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