May gives you some of the highly recommended entertainments

Hello! Happy May! Happy Labour's Day! As usual, I will recommend you some of good entertainments? Why would I use the word 'entertainment'? Because I don't recommend you the movie only. He-he-he. Okay, enough for the ordinary chat. So check them out, guys. And be sure, you know, i will post this randomly. Ho-ho-ho!

1. Dareka No Manazashi (2013)
A 46 mins anime. Even it plays for a few minutes only, the anime is so worthy. Because it tells about a relationship between a daughter and the father. So touching. Quite impressing.
RATE: 100

2. Five Centimeters Per Second (2007)
The story is little confused -- for me. Also, this is so dark -- the story, i mean. However, this is a good anime. Umph, the-anime-that-you-call-it-omnibus-too is a romance anime. Anything that i can catch is the way this anime tells about a girl who has the feeling to a male friend. Yea, afterwards, she succeed to confess -- and the boy already confirmed. But she and the boy gotta had long-distance relationship. They might live a part. So sad. Hu-hu-hu.
RATE: 85

 3. I Give My First Love To You (Original Title: Boku No Hatsukoi Wo Kimi Ni Sasagu) (2007)
Wow, when i just checked it again -- about little information, the movie is apparently from a manga. I don't believe that. Because, in my humble opinion, the movie doesn't look like a live-action. Really an original script-plotted movie. If it was a live action, that would have the confusion surely. And i haven't been finding out the confusion from the movie at all yet. I was so enjoyed the movie, and several times my heart got melted. Maybe, the movie is the sweetest Japanese movie that i ever watched. Anyway, the movie tells about a girl has  the special relationship with the friend who has the acute disease. Trust me, the ending is very sweet so bad. It already succesfully had my tears to drop heavily. Damn, i hate it!
RATE: 100

4. The Complex (The Original Title: Kuroyuri Danchi) (2013)
For this horror movie, I guess that Atsuko Maeda had deserved some awards in Japanese movie/drama world indeed. Her acting in this movie is quite amazing. For her, i could catch the creepy impression of the movie. She's the heroine of the movie indeed.

Umph, the story is about an orphan. She lives alone, because her parents and the little brother is died for an accident. Afterwards, the creepy strange happenings come frequently to her. Especially when she meets a misterious kid ghost.
RATE: 100

5. Kimi Ni Todoke (2010)
In fact, I love this live-action. It has the good message behind. But, I'm little disappointed with the middle of story. Quite rushy, so then i can't enjoy the plot. At last, the ending is getting tasteless. Oh, the story is about a creepy-looked high school girl. For the look, her friends banish and judge her as the real Sadako. Ha-ha-ha. What a silly movie.
RATE: 85

6. Hachiko Monogatari (1987)
Ah, I reassure all of you that the movie was better than the Hollywood version's. Also, more touching. I get quite impressed with Hachiko, a dog which is the heroine. It has proved me that the animal  had always given a reciprocation. By the way, the movie is based on true story.
RATE: 100

7. Snowpiercer (2014)
About the struggle of the few people who tries to  get out of the misery condition. Yeah, they live under the bad situation, which is created by the goddamn bourgeoises, especially the owner of the train. The setting is on the train -- and in the future. A quite good movie to be a precious lesson about the humanity. Meanwhile, there are some parts that i dislike. The director is such narcissist. Bong Joon-Ho had chosen two Koreans as the ones who would play for the important characters inside the movie. Cih, i dislike the nepotism. :P
RATE: 95

8. She's on Duty (2005)
About the woman spy who gets the task to watch over a daughter of the villain. For the task, she has to masquerade as a high school student. The movie is such funny and excite.The reason is the way she always looks stupid and clumpsy. How silly she is.
RATE: 85

9. Shark Season One, A Japanese Drama (2014)
About an indie band who efforts for being the high class band. For the movie, i get understand how a band is created. Umph, anyway, the drama is so suitable for the ones who are struggling the dream. This television drama has nice message indeed. And i love the soundtrack either; it is "Keep Walking". Nice song, guys!
RATE: 100
Total of episode: 9

10. Q10, A Japanese Drama (2010)
I love the story. Wow, it's so fresh from the oven. Never watched the kind of drama like this. Really unique and has the twist every where. I can tell only, the movie is about a high school student. His name is Heita. Heita finds out a woman android in a room of the school. Because of the fad, he has her to turn on. So then, afterwards, he and the android get along well till a moment, when Kyuuto has to come home to his era -- from the future. Nice romantic scifi drama.
RATE: 100
Total episode: 11

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  1. hachiko kayaknya harus nonton versi ini. yg versi hollywood kurang dapet terharunya nih

  2. yang belum 1789
    yang k2 udah pernah nonton tapi gak selese. ntah kenapa gak ngerti ama ceritanya... hha
    k4 udah donlot tapi belum nonton, dapet subs nya korea, belum dapet yang eng/ind nya.. huhu

    1. cakep.....
      iyaaa seharusnya emang cukup nyari disana aja...
      karna biasanya aku kesana buat nntn drama bukan pilm jadi pas nyari pilm agak kudet juga... haha

  3. yg nomer 1 itu kayaknya gue bakalan nonton, menarik bgt gitu dari gambarnya.
    btw kimi ni todoke yg live action itu biasa bangeeeeet deh, bagusan yg versi animenya kemana mana.
    i give my first love to you juga gue baru nntn maren dan emg sediiiiiih bgt.
    kalo lo suka 5cm per seconds, elo kudu coba nonton Journey To Agartha / children who chase lost voices from deep below.
    yang hachiko, gue dari dulu pengen nonton tp gak pernah nemu yang bisa streaming gitu.

  4. Aku tertarik sama Q10 dan I Give My First Love To You :D

    Hachiko udah pernah nonton, tapi bukan yg versi Jepang, hehe....

    1. Aku juga udah nonton yang versi hollywood, tapi cuma sekilas, dan merasa biasa aja. Hahaha

  5. Asiiiikkkkkkk, ada review baru dari Nuel. Thanks yah, segera disedottt wkwkwk


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