My Story of April Mop

Sorry guys, if i'm too late to post the story. He-he-he. Just thinked that i gotta share it here. And here it is.

If you can't read the words, just right-click and zoom-in. :)

Last April Mop, i already shooted an attack. Glimpsely appeared an tricky idea inside my head. In fact, the picture was grabbed from an idol group's music video (She who becomes ghost is Rena Matsui); and i grabbed it since November 2013. Ho-ho-ho.

As soon as possible, i posted this picture in the morning. Ta-ra. Several hours again, i got a victim. One of my friends commented the picture. And..... the rest is.... you can check the picture out by yourselves. :D

Ha-ha-ha. What a such funny - to take an advantage from anyone's ignorance. Peace, everyone! Hontou ni sumimasen deshita, minna! Jyoudan, nee. Just kidding. (^^)v

And this case is second whose i succesfully shooted an april mop attack. Backward, i ever, too. I succeed to trick some bloggers. The story is here: April Mop 2012.


  1. komennya pake bahasa inggris apa bahasa indonesia nih? inggris aja deh hehe
    i could never trick people, i don't know why, but i think i am gifted with a really pure heart so i can't do such thing to people hahaha :p

  2. penasaran sama film nya........

    1. hahaha... lah ya aku kira juga film jepang, eeee ternyata...

  3. Wah, aku sering gagal kalau ngerjain orang. Tapi sebaliknya, sering banget jadi korban keisengan orang, huhu....

  4. tapi itu kan kejailan yang hanya sebentar nuel :D
    coba kamu nonton cupid no itazura, dijamin .... haha :D

  5. @ Iskandar: Itu dorama atau film?

    @ blogditter (mas Adit): Hahaha.... Masa sih? Nggak percaya deh... :P

    @ Elfrida: Hahaha... Thank a lot for the compliment

  6. aprilnya masih ada ko tapi ditahun depan :) hehe


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