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Who am i?

I'm Spiderman. Hehehe.... Just kidding. Little joke in the messy world.

Protect me and my beloved people always! =)
Ummph, I'm Immanuel Lubis. I'm bataknese who was born in Jakarta. But i live in Tangerang since i was a 8-years-old-children  (Seemingly, i don't remember clearly). In other word, Tangerang is my hometown. And, I live in the shelter of St. Rafael. Anyway, sometimes I have a little proud, because I was born in the same year when a supernova was happening in our galaxy. Hohoho. I'm not kidding. You can just check that out, ok? Being a liar is useless, sometimes. I'd better being myself, and being mocked for who I am. Than being anyone's else, which is very hurt to myself, my families, or God.

Then I was born on 26th may, 1988. Lubis is my dad's clan. My mom is bataknese, too and her clan is Siagian. I'm a Christian even just Christian based on Identity Card (In Indonesian: Kartu Tanda Penduduk also known as KTP). I'm proud to be Jesus Christ's follower, and even I'm not perfect to be HIS follower.

My nickname? Uuumph, you can call me everything along you can enjoy interacting and having correspondent with me. But if you have a difficulty, you  can call me 'Noel',  'Nuel', 'Lubis', 'Iman', 'Ims', 'Immanuel', or Maman (my nick from my private teacher, Mr. Ramlan.). Simple, right, to call me?  Yeah, what's the mean of name? 

Ummphh, i had ever studied in Markus (primary school till junior high school), Tarakanita Gading Serpong (Senior High School). I had ever played in Kindergarten of Strada Dewi Sartika. Now, i'm officially Bachelor of Law after graduating from Catholic University of Atmajaya on 28th November, 2011. And having a desire to be a professional writer (I really love to write). I really wanna serve the God by my writings.

All About Me

My Achievements:
1. Runner-up on A Blog Contest, which attended by PT XL Axiata
2. I'd ever sat on second rank when i was second grade of the Primary (Maybe for you, Elementary) School (Kelas 2 SD). I'd done it twice.
3. I've ever given a little my ideas on KompasKampus and Tabloid Bola.

The others:
1. Asrama vs Kos >> dimuat di KompasKampus >> hadiahnya: Dua buah kaos.
2. Seandainya Saya Zinedine Zidane >> dimuat di Tabloid BOLA.
3. Teka-Teki Cinta >> Kategori Puisi Favorit Pilihan Pembaca (more info) >> Hadiahnya: Novel Jampi-Jampi Varaiya.
4. Mereka itu bukan untuk dilihat tapi dirasakan >> Kategori Early Bird (more info) >> Hadiahnya: Novel Ramuan Drama Cinta.
5. Review Man and Moon >> Kategori Pemenang Hiburan Partisipasi (more info) >> Hadiahnya: Buku Menjawab Ateis Indonesia.
6. Tantangan buat TomKuu > Kategori Pemenang Hiburan Partisipasi (more info) >> Hadiahnya: Pocky.
7. "Listen to the beat Give away" by Aul-Howler >> Hadiahnya: Headset dan CD Musik.
8. Pemenang Give Away Novel Boni & Doris di Twitter.
9.  Honda PGM-FI SEO Competition 2012 >> Kategori Pemenang Hiburan Partisipasi >> Hadiahnya: Polo Shirt.

I succesfully did the tasks:
1. Campaign from Rumah123, Jule 2013
2. Campaign from Mrs. Hani Syawaliah (Or CariCommunity), February 2014
3. Campaign from Zalora, October 2013

Ummph, yeah, i forget one thing. Something urgent. And that is the way you can know more deeply. Guys, if you want to know well with me, you can say hello or making a cooperation plan for a project to me: atau yah. Or, you can follow my Instagram (@nuellubis), subscribe my Youtube channel: @nuellubis, like fanspage #misiterakhirrafael, or chat: Nuel Lubis on Whatsap

Just for your information, this blog isn't  the blog only i have. I also keep my writings on Kompasiana, AOMagzGeto Katanya and Japanese Station, Tumblr. But, yeah, only on here, i always writing my ideas. HAHAHA!