Happy Bornday, Ucha!

Hello, Ucha!

Happy birthday, Dude!


Yea, I do still remember your special day. And, anyone ever said, if we  can recall something important about anyone, it means that the one is very important to us. Well, Dude, you have the important role in my life. Till now, I have never forgot how we meet. It begins.....

Do you see the above photo? It's in Mister Baso, 3A floor, Plaza Semanggi. We spent a lot of minutes in there after we had been stuck from a class. I forget what class is. Maybe it was "Pengantar Hukum Indonesia". Maybe it was "Pengantar Ilmu Hukum". Or, maybe it was "Pengantar Ilmu Ekonomi. But, one thing very clearly, we had lunch. First the boys only came. Such as, me, you, Octarama, Defri, Kevin, Nandes, and Fega. Then, the girls came (Yohana, Anna, Nova, Icha, Laura, Wanda, Yoan). And, here we were.


 Hey, Dude! 

Thank for all of your kindnesses along I know you. Thank for giving some knowledges I never knew backwards. Thank for bringing me to blogsphere. Without you, I had never won that contest (That prize: notebook Quantel). Thank, too, for teaching me about how I use SLR very well. 

Dude, wish you all the best. God bless you. Godspeed. The best wishes to you--from me. It's not only for you, but also for either your family and friends.

Keep this writing, keep these photos, Dude. Think it as my gift to you. Anyway, before I forget, for the closure, thank for the visitation to Kinokuniya. You and your little brother (Raad) talked about DC/Marvel Comic very fluently. You all were talkative. So then I could know about those comics. So sorry that I was lying about it. In fact, I never read those comics. Hohoho. I did it just for being cool. By knowing about those comics, I think it could make me very cool. Haha.

Once again, happy bornday, Kausar Armada Sukardi a. k. a. Ucha.



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