Ten of My Photography Tips

Since I've stucked in photography world, so lot of lessons I got. Here they are!

1. When the object looks at me, I do really hate. It makes my photo unnatural. 

2. There is always a 'rule' before taking a moment/object. Yeah, rule! Maybe you won't find out the written rule. You are about to get a lot of unwritten rules only. You know, sometimes anyone dislikes the way we take the picture around him/her. And, shit, the nice object is around on him/her.

3. Hey, you are photographer! No need to be shy, please! Sometimes nice object can be existed in a place where it will insist you to bring your shyness into a trash. 

4. In +kausar armada sukardi , photography is not only about technique. Using your imagination for getting the nice photo in your version. Photographer is not such different with the other artist such as story writer, painter, or mangaka.

5. If you takes a picture in anywhere, and you meet any people (so they may be come to your photo), I recommend you to give them a reward. You can give them a smile. Or if you will--and not to mind, giving them much money is very nice.

6. The Shit Moment is... when you don't bring a camera, and you already found the nice sample to capture. You just have a phone camera, and so sorry to say, it's not a good weapon. 

7. The 2nd Shit Moment: your camera is having low battery... and--SHIT, IT TURNED OFF while taking some objects. So sorry, you have to get the photo with your phone camera which has the bad sensor to get nice photo.

8. You have to capture the object as often as you can. So then, your skill will be getting better and better. You are gonna know what ISO/shutter speed/etc you have to use. For the indoor, the higher ISO you use, the nicer photo you get. Don't forget to lower the aperture. For the way your object does always move (very fast), faster your shutter speed.      

9. Having stuck in photography world, trust me, you must act as a sensible person. There are nice samples whose you need to capture very well. Sensitivity is a big need for a good photographer. 

10. If you're in the such unwritten-ruled place, and you're caught by the security or the others, you have to erase that photo. Although you feel sorry to erase that. 



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