A Bunch of Movies for Guiding You on Lebaran Holiday


This is Ramadhan month, right? Hopefully you haven't broken your fasting. Please don't. That's really so nice. Moreover, Eid is on near, guys. Next week, we are gonna forgive each other. Marhaban ya Ramadhan.

Anyway, for more celebrating Eid, I will give you some recommendations for Eid Holiday. And these movies is suitable to be watched by your beloved families. Lol. So check these out!

1. The Last Single / The Last Bachelor (2010)
In the beginning, I will start with an Iranian movie. It is "The Last Single". Or some people said the movie as "The Last Bachelor" either. Swear, this movie is really hilarious. Mohammad Reza Fazeli succesfully made the movie from a thing-called-marriage. The main idea is such unique. About a single man who finds out the mate by a silly incident. And the movie is a good sample for knowing Iranian custom little bit.
RATE: 85 / 100

2. 3 Idiots (2009)
A hilarious but philosophical movie. Very worthy to watch. About any men's friendship. About two kind of stupid men who is used to meet a such smart guy, Ranchodas. Ranchodas is a guy who is fulfilled by some critical ideas. He often criticizes the weakness of education system on the campus. Guys, trust me, I got some life lesson a lot from the movie. For the sample: always skeptical and never been steered by either anything or anyone.
RATE: 100

3. Teketeke (2009)
Based on Japanese urban legend. It begins from a high school girl who abruptly met teketeke, a half-body astral creature. She thinks that she had been succesfully escaped from teketeke. In fact, teketeke chases her over routinely. For me, this movie is such creepy. And I'm so impressed (and getting goosebumps, too) with the way teketeke attacks the prey. So thrilling, guys!
RATE: 90 / 100

4. Trick The Movie (2002)
About a detective who gets a task to investigate a supranatural case on a village. Besides that, about a woman who involves in the same case for duty paid. Really an exciting-thrilling-enjoyful movie. Furthermore, this is a beginner for the continuous serial movie. I think, after watching this, you will get the desire for watching the previous movies.
RATE: 95 / 100

5. My Old Classmate (2014)
Little bit like "You are the Apple of My Eye". Nevertheless, it doesn't look like that a lot. It has some differences. E.g.: The man who ever has relationship with the woman he loves. In "You are the Apple of My Eye", the man has never at all.

This movie is so cute romantic movie. I won't suggest you a plot. Because I'm afraid to get spilled out spoiling. Moreover, the main core of the movie is on the ending. So, I give you to watch the movie first. You never regret.
RATE: 100

6. 3 Hati 2 Dunia 1 Cinta (2010)
For this second, I seldom find out the Indonesian movies which have such taboo idea. And this movie is one of the movie I meant. About a moslem man  who goes together with a christian woman. In the mid way, either the man or the woman has the family each other. They  don't get bless from the parents one another. After that, someday, they're awaken that they wouldn't keep the relationship. A suitable movie for the reflection.
RATE: 90 / 100

7. CIN(T)A (2009)
About a javanese moslem woman who meets a chinese christian man. The javanese is a celebrity who is almost failed on the study. The chinese is a student who never met failure. And the both will soon meet -- and falling in love each other. But they will never bring the love to the higher relationship (read: marriage). Really a reflection about the peace of between two religions. No preachy intention. Just wanna tell us that the two-religions marriage is actually possible to do.
RATE: 100 

8. Hansel and Gretel (2007)
About a man who has gotten incident; and he is dragged to a forest and stays over in a misterious small house. Staying over in the house is the bad decision he taken. For that, he has to go through a lot of difficulty to come home. The house is actually a trap. And the three kids always prevent him to come home.
RATE: 95 / 100

9. Liar Game: Reborn (2012)
Based on manga. And I think, this is one of the quite succesfull live-action I ever watched. Instead of the manga, I prefer this movie. Very quite thrilling movie. From the movie, I get the lesson about politic. I get understand how the politic works. The movie itself is about a graduated girl who is involved in a strange game accidentally. Anyway, the movie looks like Hunger Games little bit for a second.
RATE: 100

10. Small Town Rivals
Two words for describing this Korean movie: silly and funny. About two men who have fought since the childhood. One man is a farmer who has bad luck. The others is the official -- a mayor. One day, the mayor makes a policy. And the policy has the citizen to get furious, include the farmer. After that, the farmer and the mayor are involved in the fight again. And the fight has me so tickled.
RATE: 85 / 100

* Please, right-click the pictures, if you want to know the source.


  1. Asikkk, review film lagi. Rubrik favorit gua dari blognya Nuel nih. Segera disedot ahhh...

  2. 3 idiot film favorit saya............

  3. cuma bisa nonton dari dvd aja :)

  4. Yang pernah nonton cuma Hansel and Gretel aja.. Dan itu jadi film favorit :D

  5. 3 idiot kerenn, teketeke itu dari judulnya aja udah tau kalo itu film serem.... Hantu jepang yg gak punya kakiii

  6. 3 idiot I Like it. Lagunya easy listening.
    BTW Nuel ini artinya apa? 僕の血からは未来

    1. Maaf Nuel itu salah.
      Kanji 血 chi itu artinya darah.
      Sedangkan kanji 未来mirai itu artinya masa depan.
      Kalau mimpi itu 夢yume. Maaf ya saya koreksi.

    2. Oke, Thank. Tadinya mau nulis chikara yang artinya kekuatan, tapi bingung hurufnya itu apa. Haha. Kalau yang mirai itu, sepertinya aku lupa. Baru ingat mimpi itu kan yume bahasa Jepang nya. Hahaha. Makasih, mas. Udah jago nih kayaknya bahasa Jepang nya? Hehehe

  7. Dulu pas nonton 3 idiot, saya cuma geleng-geleng kepala. Bagus banget! Walaupun di tengah-tengah agak membosankan. Mungkin karena durasinya terlalu panjang, hehe....

    Wah, penasaran sama Teketeke....


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