10 Most-Memorable Asian Footballers

Hello, guys! Long time no see. O-hisashiburi. Sorry if  never posted again here. I've spent my time in a web - Japanese Station. This is one of: iCas. Hehehe.

Anyway, for this time, i want to write about football. Therefore world cup will be near, guys. Yippie! And i will be posting about: 10 most-memorable Asia footballers (Yeah, i know, no correlation at all). Check it out!

Hmm, once more, i post it randomly. And i write it down based on my experience to watch football world.

1. Hidetoshi Nakata (Midfielder)
Kazuyoshi Miura is really first Japanese footballer who played in Serie A. But Nakata is more phenomenal. Footballer who has born on 22 January 1977, is better than Miura. Once for winning scudetto with AS Roma. He has already noted as Japanese who frequently played for Japan team at world cup. He participated for three world cup events. And he had played for five Italian clubs. And all of them are serie A club.

2. Park Ji-Sung (Left Fullback)
Wow, he's great. First Asian footballer who played in a UEFA Champions League final. Also as Asian footballer who first won FIFA Club World Cup (You can mention that Intercontinental Cup). A legend indeed for Asia football world. I guess that we would be hard to find out kind of player like him who born on 25th February, 1981. He had good pace and nice dribble. No wonder, he was one of key players for Manchester United.

3. Ahn Jung-Hwan (Striker)
I think, he is the most-fortuneless player. What a really pity. Imagine, guys. He had Korea team succesfully beat Italia. And then, after the match, he had been fired by Perugia, club where he played for in serie A. I admit, Ahn was not a good player. He who born on 27 January 1976,  was typically a player who depends on either fortune or teamwork. Not an opportunist player. Thus i will probably remember him for the shittest case ever and ever.

4. Ali Al-Habsi (Goalkeeper)
In fact, there are some Asian goalkeeper who ever played in Europe. One example is Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi who ever played for Portsmouth, and never played in every match of Portsmouth at English Premier League. So there is one Asian only, who ever did it. He is Ali Al-Habsi from Oman. The Omanian who born on 30th December (1981), played for Bolton Wanderers and Wigan Athletic. But for Wigan only, he had such shining career. He played such a lot for Wigan, and ever gave a title - FA Cup, i mean. 

5. Hong Myung-Bo (Defender)
Born on 12th Febuary, 1969. He had really ever played in Europe. He just played for LA Galaxy in MLS, and it has been great, i think. He used to be a pledge for Korea national team. For him, Korea's defend line was rather tough. And then, after several years, he has already come back to Korea national team as a coach. You must be surprised, guys. Korea national team will play in world cup 2014 later. I guess, he is the first Asian who did it - participate as player, then participate as coach in the sequel. 

6. Keisuke Honda (Striker)
I seem that it's too early to apply his name now. But seemingly he deserves, too. One special reason why i have to: he ever played for CSKA Moskva and won some titles there. All of those had AC Milan get interested to buy him at summer transfer market of last 2013. And he is such amazing Asian striker whom i ever seen. Smart to take advantage from every chance.

7. Shinji Ono (Central Midfielder)
Born on 27th September, 1979; and noted as first Asian footballer who won  a title in one of European league. He moved to Feyenoord Rotterdam, so then helped the team reach UEFA cup throphy. He was one of the key players in Japan national team.

8. Mehdi Mahdavikia (Winger)
Born on 24th Jule, 1977; and he had ever had quite influence in either Hamburg SV or Bundesliga. Noted as the best offensive winger of the Bundesliga in the 2002–03 season, Hamburger SV Team of the Century (2012), and gave some titles to Hamburg SV. This Iranian was such a good player for either Hamburg or Iran. Till now, i haven't found out kind of player like him yet.

9.Shunsuke Nakamura (Winger)
I call him 'David Beckham of Asia' or 'Japanese David Beckham', or 'left-footed Beckham'. Yeah, player who born on 24th June 1978, is an expert at taking free shooting. His shooting is very really good. Unfortunately, his career was so wasted in some unpopular clubs, such as Espanyol, Glasgow Celtic, or Reggina. But his career in Scotland was so magnificent. He could attract to attention of Celtic's fans.

10. Rochi Putiray (Striker)
I'm so confused. Why he perform in Indonesia national team so rare? He ever played for some Hongkong clubs. And he had given a proud to Indonesian by the memorable match, FC Kitchee versus AC Milan 3-1 (2004). He made two goals in the match.  Nevertheless he had even just joined to Indonesia national team after the match. What a pathetic fate! That's not so fair for a 26th Jule, 1970 player who wandered off till China.
Person inside the circle, is Rochi Putiray.

* You can recognize source of picts by right-clicking the picts.


  1. Replies
    1. Iya, padahal Tsubasa kan memorable juga haha :D

    2. udah dibahas itu di sini: http://immanuels-notes.blogspot.com/2013/11/captain-tsubasa-yang-berlebihan-tapi.html


  2. Shinji Kagawa....
    Toshiko Tanaka....

    1. Kok aku googling Toshiko Tanaka, dapatnya lain yah? Ibu-ibu gitu.... :D

    2. ya,barangkali namanya emang sama gan,.. hahah,... atu mungkin aslinya emang ibu ibu kali ya,.. heheh,... PEACE... :)

  3. Wehh saya suka si Nakamura. Spesialis tendangan kiri soalnya. Dan pernah membobol MU dari free kick waktu tanding sama celtic. Video di youtubenya pun ok ok. Terlebih yang menendang bola ke dalam bis yang sedang melaju dan masuk lewat jendelanya.

    1. Yup, emang dia jago banget nendang. Shoot-nya mantap gilak!!! Nyaris kalau dia ambil tugas sebagai algojo, kemungkinan bakal gol. Sekarang agak mulai jarang nemu pemain asia model kayak dia. -_-

  4. there are no football player from Indonesia?
    Aaaa, I think that Andik must go to international... be on of most memorable asian footballer..

  5. halo juga.. oh lagi sibuk belajar bahasa jepang ya nuel? wah wah..
    keisuke honda itu mantan sayah! tapi sekarang uda ga pake honda lagi, uda yamaha. :v

  6. Rochi Putiray? kayaknya Riki Putiray deh!

  7. ya ampun aku gak ada yang kenal nama-nama pemain sepak bolanya

  8. Kalau aku yang paling inget ya Hidetoshi Nakata, hehe....

    Rochy Putiray memang salah satu legenda sepakbola Indonesia. Prestasinya panjang, dan ia sangat berpengalaman di dunia internasional, setidaknya dibanding para pemain lain di Indonesia....

    1. Iya, benar banget. Sayang nggak dianggap sama bangsa sendiri. Disia-siakan melulu, mas. :(

  9. Wah itu Park Ji Sung bukannya lebih ke pemain tengah ya, dia bisa semua di sektor pemain tengah termasuk winger, tapi belum liat jadi bek kiri. Honda posisinya juga lebih ke Attack Midfielder bukan striker, Mirip dengan Park Ji Sung tapi Ji Sung lebih lincah. Harusnya ada Kagawa juga, pas di dortmund berprestasi juga doi, blm cukup memorable kali ya Kagawa... :)

    1. Hahaha... Habis selama ini lebih sering lihat ji sung main di posisi bek kiri. Mungkin pas dia main jadi gelandang, itu waktu di Manchester United, bro. Waktu di PSV, dia seringnya jadi bek kiri. Hohoho

    2. Shinj Kagawa masih kalah greget ketimbang Keisuke Honda, bro. Maybe Next Time i will remember that player. Still keep on watching the Development of Kagawa.

  10. I'm not really into footbal thingy.
    Tapi kalo tsubasa ozora sih suka


  11. Dan bakal ada kunjungan dari Park Ji Sung ke Indonesia bulan Juni nanti.


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