Bowling King, a-funny-but-(maybe) romantic comic

This time, i would share a hilarious comic. This comic was made by Chinese, who named Tarang Ay. From the title and cover, we probably assumed that the comic was a sport comic. But you're not wrong.

Yeah you're such a true. Even the name was Bowling King, factly it told about a tricky high school boy, who accidentally learned bowling. The boy - we could call him Lei Xiaotie - didn't concern bowling first. He liked the sport for the girl whom he met at Game Center. In the first meeting, he just helped her from the hoodlums. And after all, he's  involved in the problem of the girl's family, exactly accidentally.

Because of his creative mind, Xiaotie didn't drop out of the school.

Accidentally met Lin Zizhen.
For showing his love to Zizhen, he dared a hoodlum to play arm wrestling.

The girl's dad had a money trouble with a moneylender. The moneylender forced her dad to pay off the debt. If not, bowling center of her dad would be acquired. And then, Xiaotie - maybe for love - helped the girl's family to rebel the moneylender, Mr. Du. Because his love  to Lin Zizhen (Girl's name), he accepted the dare from Mr. Du. Mr. Du dared Xiaotie to play bowling. If Mr. Du was lose, he would delay the payment.

And Xiaotie could win against Mr. Du. The payment was delayed. Nevertheless Lin Zizhen thanked to Xiaotie only; she didn't reply his love. Therefore, she had had a boyfriend. Her boyfriend stayed at America. But Xioatie had never been give up. He kept struggling his love to Zizhen. He hardly struggled for just making Zizhen to like him.

It needed long time and a lot of fencings. After the long time, Zizhen's heart was succesfully conquered by him. But the another trouble had risen. Xiaotie had an admirer. Ups, sorry! Not one, but four. And one of the four girls was a freaking girl. The freaking girl is Zhao Min Min. For her guile, Xiaotie was forced to marry her. Actually the marriage is just a game, not serious. But Xiaotie couldn't avoid from the silly game. Zhao Min Min had a thing for gaging him.

Xiaotie is the lucky bastard. He has four admirers. Shit!

She had a strange-and-revolting thing for gaging Xiaotie.

For this time, Zizhen was getting love to Xiaotie and struggled to keep making Xiaotie love her. She had to have able to defend Xiaotie's love (We had known whose Xiaotie's love is). For struggling the love, she was willing to go the forest, for just meeting an expert, who had able to create a bowling ball.

Maybe the last pictures is the end of Bowling King. Xiaotie finally gets Zizhen as his lover. It's a pity! I don't understand with the language. Mandarin letters. -_-

And it's a little story of Bowling King. I thing, the comic is such a funny, in addition to romantic.For several times, i ended up to laugh when i read some stories about Xiaotie's foolishness. And he did the silly things for just showing his seriousness of love to Zizhen - even the girl often disregarded him.

Besides that, the comic is unique. I seldom see a comic like Bowling King. A romantic comic, which is covered by sport stuff. At a glance, we probably assume that the comic was a sport comic. But after reading till volume 19, maybe, we may say, "This is the cutest romantic comic!" Yeah the romantic story is so sweet.

Overall, i give 8,5 of the 10 stars.

PS: If you have interest to read the comic, you can download the Indonesian version of the comic >> this


  1. and so. ane cuman hadir disiini, karena belum fasih bahasa inggrisnya hehehe

  2. gak papa kok... Ini juga buat gantiin postingan yang dulu ilang secara gak sengaja.... -_-

  3. Weeiss mantab English-nya. Excuse me sir ... :)

  4. reading your post about that comic, reminds me about another popular comic : Break Shot by Takeshi Maekawa.

    However, that comic story is about billiard.

    At least , both of billiard and bowling are using ball lol


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