Saturday, June 28, 2014

It's (probably) a sad story about my no-hard-sell stories

I don't know why. Why? Why? Why? Everytime I publish my story on here, why so silent? Either by comment or by visitor. There are two stories that have very good response. It happened when I published perverted story. Zzzz...

For that, I get pesssimistic about the future of my novel. Sometimes, I think of one thing. Should I be dead at first? So then, everyone loves my opuses. In fact, most of artist (Also, a writer) is like the way. Along they live, no one respect. Everyone even admires after the concerned is dead.

Maybe It's karma. Yea, I used to look down the ones who love posting the story on the blog. I love giving a comment just for the reason: visit back. So, I traced a very ordinary comment. Silly and OOT (Out of Topic), I guess. And, I have to receive the karma regardly. -_-

But... when I visited some kind of blog like Immanuel's Notes -- I mean, a blog that is filled by either story or poem, it seems It's not a karma. They have same fate. Little comments. And maybe, little visitors either. That's include blog of famous writers (Most of netizen would rather to read a true story over fictional story).

I don't know why It always happens the way. But maybe, the reason, one main reason is... the Indonesian society itself. Ta-ra!

You know, most of Indonesian people dislike to read, especially read a book. Indonesia has the lame habit for reading. So, automotically, amount of fictional reader is so low either. Most of them would rather to do other activities. Such as, watching, travelling, listening to music, sport, etc -- exclude reading.

Nevertheless, I still have to keep on fighting, keep on moving forward, and keep on smiling. Someday, a lot of people will love and enjoy my story. Amen. I have to standing on the way I chosen by myself. I have to prove that we can live in the life like this. I mean, if we don't live in an office worker -- who works from morning till afternoon, it doesn't riskful. As safe as the work in the air-conditioned building. Be a professional full-time writer in Indonesia is anything possible.

So, as Caisar said, KEEP SMILE!


Anyway, I'm not giving you a lie. In America (Or Japan), it's possible and frequently happened, a fictional book can be sold out. For the sample, you can search for them by yourselves. I mean, search for the information about 'Harry Potter', 'Percy Jackson', 'Moshidora', or 'You are the Apple of My Eye'. Yeah, those are selling very well on the country where the books belong to.