Thursday, May 1, 2014

About Karma (1)

Have you believed in something called karma? No? You said -- karma is kind of bullshit? Up to you. Maybe you haven't had that by yourself.

But, trust me, karma is so real. It's existed, guys. I've been frequently seeing karma. Even i ever had either. Yeah, sometimes i tend to forget that the karma was existed. I forget that anything-i-did would get the revenge someday. Thus, for the 'mistake', i feel that i was an human indeed; not an angel. He-he-he. That's not a justification. Just a honest confession.

Guys, i will share to all of you about a karma experience. I had watched that by myself. Anyway, for the Christian, you may know 'sow-and-reap-law'.

Last year, in April 2013 (If i haven't forget). I found out a plagiarism case. My blogger friend had. One of the posts had already been pasted to a blog. And the blog was registered as member of the blogger community -- used to. As the form of the anger, he -- my beloved friend -- made a special post. And then, he has made the prevention way. I guess, he's not totally wrong. The false thing is the one who had pasted.

Anyway, the one -- you may call him as Donki -- seemed to has the good faith. Afterwards, he inserted a link to my beloved friend's blog. After that, he didn't make the same mistake again. Umph, for your information, Donki is actually a creative blogger/writer. I love visiting the blog, and reading some of his posts. He is an open-minded. Maybe he's just little bit clumpsy when he did it. Make an error is a normal thing to do by the mankind. Is it true, right?

By the way, time so flew heavily. In December, ta-ra, he got the karma. One of the post was pasted by an innocent newly blogger. He was stormy himself. He was on fire as if he had got pickpocket incident. He reported the incident to a blogger group -- one of.

When i saw the moment, i felt that the person -- Donki, i mean -- was quite funny. With no shame, he babbled in there. He probably forgot about his action to my beloved friend. He hadn't been awaking his karma. Oh shit, i feel sorry to him, either, guys.

Umph, after the happening, i got understand that karma was so existed. Indeed. So i must be careful with anything i'm gonna do.

By the way, i don't have him to put a corner -- or even look down and mock. Not at all. I write it down as a lesson to all of us. Learn to be careful with anything that we shall do. That's it. No more, no less. Peace, guys. No need to hold a grudge. Ho-ho-ho. Just judge this post as the most-silly post. =D