Sunday, May 18, 2014

About karma

Hello, guys. Several days ago, I ever told about karma. Exactly, I shared anyone's experience. Today, I will share my own experience.

The story begins at 2013.

Here the story is. Check this out.

As you have known, I have an obsession to work as professional writer. So, since 2012, I actively sent some manuscripts to lot of media/publisher. I'm not a picky. Whatever of the publisher, I kept on sending to there. I didn't look at the the track record.

In the other side, in June (Or Jule, maybe. I didn't remember very clearly), I visited my goodreads account. I browsed randomly. And it made me to have obligation to comment on the one of the post. I commented a review from an account.

A month later, I tried to send manuscripts to few publishers. One of them was Syrop (not real name). For shortening story, next week, I received a reply. That's from Syrop. They said that they had already rejected my manuscript. The reason was so silly -- in my humble opinion. Because their reason is.... "we don't receive the manuscript again." What the hello kitty! If they hadn't, they had better not set up the information that they would give a chance for publishing an opus of a writer. And they don't make an information about that. Frankly, I sent to Syrop by their ads on their website. But I knew Syrop from one of their book which I saw at bookstore.

Time so flew...

In 2014, May, I accidentally opened my goodreads again. In fact, I had a purpose. I had to visit the account for the update of my Facebook friend. Thus, I got interested to see the notification. Then, I just awaked that I had made a blunder. And... Ta-ra! Just knew, the  owner of the review where I had given the comment is a novelist; and she works in Syrop. Quite famous, if you love to read Indonesian novels. And, how crazy I am, I had ever read her novels (But I read in the flash. I hadn't accomplished reading the novel).

Wow, guys! I am so brave indeed. I had a gut to debate a famous Indonesian novelist. Speaking of which, my comment -- in there -- was listened so impolite and cocky.  

The conclusion is...... be aware of your words. Karma is watching you. And it can be a boomerang for you someday. It can be an obstacle for the anything that you're involved in either. Be careful!

Get a karma is so hurt, you know. Ha-ha-ha!