Sunday, January 26, 2014

Strayed Pervert People in My Blog

Based on Kompas, Indonesia is:
"Sejak tahun 2005, Indonesia masuk dalam 10 negara yang paling banyak mengakses situs porno. Tahun 2005, Indonesia berada di posisi ketujuh, tahun 2007 di posisi kelima, dan tahun 2009 di posisi ketiga. Peringkat Indonesia cenderung meningkat seiring dengan meningkatnya pengguna internet yang kini mencapai 55,2 juta orang."

Simply i will translate to you: "Since 2005, among ten countries, Indonesia is the country the way the most people tend to visit the porn site very frequently. And the number is getting higher, so then the visitor have reached 55,2 million people."

And the fact (or statistic) is true. Really true. I have a prove by my blog. Some of people have been visiting the blog by keywords like this:

2493 times - some people have been visiting my blog by the keywords (hentai comic, porn story). And it will be escalating more and more for few days. Lol. But i'm grateful, too. The keywords have been making the page view stable and no turning down drastically. In addition, my mission have been succeed. I have helped Google a lot - to clean up the real porn sites. At least, the people (who love to visit the porn sites) have successfully been swindled. They wanted to please the lust, but bite the fingers only. :D

For the strayed pervert people who visited  my blog accidentally, so sorry. You didn't get anything you want. The blog is not porn blog. No bluntly barely porn stuff here. But thank, you have been giving me such high traffic.

At last, for the information only, you know - at Malaysia, the pervert tend to visit porn site by keyword 'having sex with camel (In Indonesian, seks dengan onta). Errrr.... ewwwh. -,-