Friday, August 26, 2011

REVIEW: Kungfu Panda 2

Genre : Cartoon -Family
Director: Jennifer Yuh Nelson
Dubbers: Jack Black, Gary Oldman, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan

Hmmm, I'm back to write a film review. This time, i'll write review a phenomenon film, KUNGFU PANDA. I've just watched the film with my friend, Dion at XXI, BSD Plaza. And, as usual, this review contains spoiler. Hehehe...!

This film told about a silly but smart panda named Po. He finally knew that he adopted by a goose. And knew that he separated from his our birth parents because Shen, a peacock. Shen was also enemy he had to defeat in a mission from his teacher, Master Oogway. His teacher, Master Oogway asked him to defeat Shen.Because if not, Kungfu would be  lost. So, Po with friends started to adventure to Shen's place. Adventure to beating Shen.

In the  Shen's place, they also must escaped two kungfu legends, Master Storming Ox and Croc. Firstly, the legends rejected to escaped by Po and his friends. But finally, they accepted it for escaped and then participated to fight Shen and the ganks. Shen himself succesed to defeated by Po.

Oh yea, Shen had a scary weapon. The weapon made Master Oogway afraid and felt it can lost Kungfu. But i'm confused, why did the weapon can make Kungfu lost? Where's the relation? Ok, skip it. Forget it, too. :p

Except my confusion, maybe he's right for the scare of the weapon. Because Po and friends didn't easily beat Shen. The weapon is so scary and dangerous. And  Shen used the weapon for conquering China. He did it, because he had wound. The wound accidented by his past.

I think the film is so funny and inspiring. There's a quote of the film i like. It is 'Stop fighting, Let it flow'. I like that so much. It teached me that i may not be defeated by condition easily. And don't fight my destination. Let it flow and we will understand the purpose of the everything in our life.

Po, i think, is a funny and unique character. It seemed to show that  a hero is not also strong or smart person. Silly person can be superhero, too. I also liked character of Po that he didn't afraid to face problem.And always happy and smile to face  problem, even the problem is very hard.

The last words, the film can be watched for all ages and such an entertaining. The film is also unique. There's a scene that 1D and 2D joined. The film has also lotsa funny dialogues and lotsa precious stuff. Watch it, find the stuff i said, and tell me. Hehehe...! :p

PS: If you've not watched Kungfu Panda part 1, you can see the review from here. Yea, it can help you for understand plot of Kungfu Panda 2. But i think, you can enjoy and understand the plot even you have not seen Kungfu Panda part one before. Because, this film is not depend on the plot of the last series. I swear! :)