Friday, June 17, 2011

REVIEW: 10. 5 Apocalypse

Category : Film
Director : John Lafia
Script-Writer: John Lafia
Artists : Kim Delaney, Beau Bridges
Genre : Drama

The movie told about disaster which ever happened in USA. Beginning story, there is man played bicycle. When he played, earthquakes was happening with 7,9 Richter Scale (RS). It made all of the building in Seattle was broken, included Space Needle. Directly, from her sleeping, Dr. Sam Hill was going to FEMA office. After she left, she did researching of earthquake. She determined hyposentrum was located in Ellenburg. It contrasted with Dr. Jordan Fischer’s opinion. Then, there is a big argument.

This disaster made commotion in USA. Eventhough, president of USA cancelled his meeting with Germany Ambassador. But at the time, earthquakes happened again in the southern California. It made train and railway track fell down into the ground and made many people was died.

Directly, president of USA asked Roy Nolan, chief of FEMA for researching earthquakes and saving million people. Then, Roy Nolan held the meeting with his staff for discussing earthquakes problem. In this meeting, Dr. Sam Hill explained reason of earthquakes and gived her theory and prediction about earthquakes. She asked that there will be happnened earthquakes again. But majority of staff rejected her opinion.

Her prediction was right. Earthquakes happened again Los Angeles. It made Golden Gate and City Hall was broken. Many people to be sacrifice, included Governor of California, Mrs. Williams. But she was succeed to save.

FEMA held the meeting again. They discussed way out of the earthquakes problem. This time they believed Dr.Hill’s opinion, so that FEMA decided that they will  uniting San Andreas fault with nuclear power. The plan was rejected by president at the first time. But finally, it must be done. So citizens of California were evacuated to Barrow.

In the realization of the unification of San Andreas fault, earthquakes was happened. Because of that, the unification wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t put in the right place and weapon cable as controller was broken.Roy Nolan had to go down into ground for turning on the nuclear. When he turned on the nuclear machine, earthquakes was happening again. He struck down nuclear machine until he was died in nuclear explosion.

Because of the mistake, earthquakes was still happened. Eventhough, it made a big mistake. Flow of Kern River became different. It flowed to the earth, not to Reservoir Whitewater in the south. Then, big earthquakes happened with 10,5 RS. Panic attacked southern California. And it’s pity! The ground was rent by earthquakes. People tried to save themselves. Then, water fulfilled the cauldron. Earhquakes was end.

But, it brought peaceful to many people. It could uniting people who had conflict, such as Jimmy Clark finally peaced with his wife, Mrs. Williams, governor of California and so did Owen and Jill Hunter