Happy Wedding, Dani Sucahyo!

Hey, my JHS friend, The Quiet Man! 

Finally, this day have come to you, yea. Happy wedding. Long last. God bless you. Happy sunday, too. Best wishes for you and your wife-u. LoL. 

I got it from Fanny in Facebook.

Sorry, if I cannot come. Maybe, next time you and I can spend time together in a place for few hours. Anyway, thank for all of your kindnesses, Dan. Behind your silency, I've learned a lot. Thank, too, for being one of my besties when I was junior high school student in Markus, Kebon Nanas, Tangerang. You and Ramot successfully distracted my concentration in the class. Holy shit! 

Please, give my wishes to your little brothers (Dandy and Darwin), your Dad, and Inge-Inge (your Mom). Haha. Did you remember that we had the very bad habit that time? So silly memories!

For the last, I just knew, Tjoa is your family name. I think, you have already created it for 'gaya-gayaan (gegayaan)'. Haha. I borrow the whole juvenile term. Jiakakaka.....



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