ONE STORY ONE PHOTO: Love a Monster Like You

Genre: Romance

Dokumentasi pribadi.

            Steffy was a famous private high school student in the small town. She’s nerd, even she's always be class star. Her score in the class is always outstanding, But unfortunately, she's always be bullied by her friends, too. Her friends often mocked her for her unique style.
            Uhm, in fact, no unique. She had never been care about her style. Because, for her, style was not the important thing. Brain was the most important. So that’s her reason to use Betty La Fea style. Yeah, she’s glasses with the black frame and braces. The different is curly hair she had and made up by the funny bangs. No wonder she always be bullied by her friends.
            But, time had changed Steffy. Steffy turned to become a fashionable girl. It's because for arrival of new student. His name is Marvin. Marvin is a handsome boy. Moreover he’s American descent. His father came from United States and his mother is native Indonesian. A lot of the girls in  school were crazy about him, include Steffy. Steffy had fallen in love with the American, for the fabulous face.
            Therefore she tried to find a way. A way to make Marvin gazing at her. Remember, she had ugly face. So  she asked an advice from her best friends about this problem.
            She had two best friends whom never  treated her as the looser. One friend is named Selvie. Selvie was motherhood and didn’t much talk. From Selvie, she got a simple advice. It is, be yourself. Other friend, Vellyta, had different opinion. She advised that Steffy had to changed her style.
            Vellyta said, “You know, sista? A lot of boy felt disgusted to see you. Errr, sorry sista, frankly, you’re like a monster. Very-very bad. I think, you must change your style. Maybe you may follow my fashionable style.”
            Maybe Vellyta was a childhood friend, Steffy didn’t mad. Instead of that, she was influenced. So she asked Vellyta for changing her style. From ugly duck to beautiful swan.
            Vellyta accepted it. She bravery swore that she had been able to change Steffy’s bad style.
            “With my hand, I can change your ugly to fashionable. I swear, Marvin is crazy about you, honey. Trust me, it works.” Vellyta promised.  
             Then Vellyta brought Steffy to a branded salon which could remake her style. She had rebonding, manicure, pedicure, facial, and all of the special treatments for the women. Her bangs was cut. Besides that, she also brought to a boutique. A boutique which the loyal customer is Vellyta. Because Vellyta often bought many luxurious clothes. No problem for her. She is the daughter of the rich man.
            Vellyta bought  Steffy many clothes from that boutique. Vellyta did it for the reciprocation. Moreover Steffy had always teached Vellyta about homeworks or something difficult of the school subjects. Therefore Vellyta wanted to teach Steffy a way to look more beautiful.
            “Steffy, loose your band.”
            “Steffy, don’t tying your hair.”
            “Steffy, you deserve to wear the skirt.”
            And, blah-blah-blah what did Vellyta suggest to Steffy. Steffy always followed her advice.
            And then, tomorrow, in the school, all the students were shocked about Steffy’s style. The boys became crazy about her. The girl? The most of them were envy, especially the girls had boyfriend. Because they were afraid if she would steal the boyfriends.
            And they were right. The most of boy tried to approached her. Then they flirted and directly said  ‘I love you’ to her. But she rejected. Because she wanted Marvin only. Her wish: Marvin will say I love you to her.
            Day by day, Steffy got the special moment she ever dreamed. Marvin said three secret words to Steffy and she didn’t think again. She directly accepted his proposal. So she was officially Marvin’s girlfriend. Most of girl were jealous with her.
            She remembered the moment. One day, Marvin brought her to  a garden behind his house. His garden was made up by pink balloons. There’s also many table in there. In the center, we could see a lamp which shining the place. Yeah, the situation is such a romantic. Moreover we could listen a good-melody from amateur vocal group. They were paid for so expensive value by Marvin. Marvin did really knew to treat a woman.
            When Steffy was eating food which Marvin cooked, Marvin suddenly said, “Would you be my princess?” He said it with touching Steffy’s hand.
            Firstly, she was so shocked. But after she had been calm down, she answered, “Yea, I will.”
            But Marvin wasn’t a good boy. He let Steffy in bad situation. He had changed Steffy to bad girl. For him, Steffy had been shopaholic, childish, and flirty. Also because of him, Steffy leaved all her best friends. Friend who always accompanied her in the every moment. Studying together, hang out together, till the both of having lunch and dinner. Well, every moment teenagers experienced.
            More over her friends: Tony, Dodo, Vellyta, and Rey had known the who Marvin is. Accidentally Dodo had a friend in other school. His name is Dean. Dean met Dodo in the english course. He studied at the school Marvin ever studied, too. From Dean, Dodo knew Marvin had ever dropped out. In the previous school, Dean was such a famous as a playboy. He had ever done using drug, drinking alcoholic, and made love with some girl.
He was expelled from the school for the drugs scandal last year. Marvin is accepted as a student in Pembangunan High School for the factor of parents. His parents had given much money to the principal, so that Marvin could study in the grade two again. He had to study in the grade one.
            Therefore, they informed Steffy about Marvin. As the best friend, they didn’t want Steffy had a bad thing. But when they informed and warned Steffy, Steffy didn’t care. She even boasted, “Yea, yea, yea. I know, pal. You don’t like if I’m happy with myself. Uh? You all jealous, right? Especially you, Vellyta. Okay, guys, for this time, you, you, you, you, …. are not my friends again. The friendship is over.”


            Three month later, what they afraid of was proved.
            One day Steffy was invited to Marvin’s house. Marvin wanted Steffy teaching him privately. So she was agree. After Steffy had arrived in Marvin’s, she was brought to his room. Situation in his house is strange. Because it’s very silent. No more person in there, except Steffy and Marvin. His parents had worked since 7.00 AM. And his parents didn’t paid someone for working as servant. Marvin has also brother and sister yet. Nevertheless Steffy didn't get suspicious. She had always thinked positively.
            But situation got terrible when she was getting in his room. From behind, Marvin hugged and kissed her nape. She started to feel scary. She started to feel bad. More over he said, “Come on, honey. Let’s play and enjoy the quickie. I will prove my love for you on bed.”
            Steffy was very worry. Then she screamed as loud as she could. She also tried to escape from Marvin’s hug. Unfortunately, Marvin is stronger than her.
            Et Voila. A hero was came. The door was attacked by someone. That is Tony, one of her best friends. And then, he directly approached Marvin. He punched and kicked the bastard until fall down. It’s awesome. Because Tony is nerd and weak in sport. He hasn’t good shape.
            Marvin? He had not time to defend himself. His face was bruised and the stomach also pain. More over Dodo also attacked Marvin with his karate. Two against one. One can’t beat two, right?
            “Son of bitch! Do you think if you can sleep with all the woman you met. Uh? Never, Moron!”
            Yeah, Tony had said it before he left Marvin alone. After that, he went out and brought Steffy also.
            Tony, Dodo, Steffy ran away and directly went to the Vellyta’s car. As soon as possible, Vellyta soon started the car.
“Guys, thank’s. Thank you for your help. I couldn’t imagine it all if you didn’t come. Maybe I lose my virgin and regret ever and ever.”said Steffy with teary eyes.
“I also sorry, guys, I used to deny your saying about Marvin,”
Tony who sat near Steffy and behind Vellyta replied, “Never mind, Steffy. For us, friend is everything. We will do anything for your safety.”
“Umph,… dude, I think you’re wrong little. Not us, but me in the whole of your words…” Dodo who sat next to Vellyta interrupted.
Toni said anything. Nothing. He’s just grin. Meanwhile Steffy suddenly got blush. The others in the car were laughing out loud when they saw the moment.
Ten minutes later, after Steffy could calm her down, she asked Tony something important.
“Tony, how could you know if I was in Marvin’s?”
“Honestly, I even overheared your speaking with the Moron at the school cafe. He invited you for studying together, right?”
Hearing Tony’s answer, Steffy should be mad. But, for it, she had saved from the horrible moment she will may ever. So she just nodded slowly.
And then, Tony continued to said again to Steffy.
“So I was really-really worry. Negative thinking fulfills my mind. Because I was afraid you’re not safe in there. You still remember  the fact about the Moron, don't you? Therefore, soon i told my confussion to them. Firstly ther didn’t care. They even said that you had been able to guard yourself. But after I had pushed them, they joined me to the Moron’s. Luckily, arriving in there, the security enjoyed his sleep. He didn’t see us sneakin.” explained Tony. He used Moron to call Marvin.
“Oh, well, Steff. You must hear the information. Sista, before we had come, Tony just said that he had loved you so much and wouldn’t let you get insecure.” This time Vellyta interrupted.
“Wow, my man. It’s so sweet. So you have dared to say love right now, man. C’mon, say it in front of her. Don’t be shy.” Dodo teased.
Firstly, Iman was blush. Nevertheless, then he started to say something to Steffy. He said stutterly, “Uhm, er, Uhm, it-it-it’s right, Steffy. F-f-frankly, I love you. I have liked you since grade one. But I’m too shy to say it. Although you used to have, sorry, your ugly face, I keep loving you.”
“So, I’m less beautiful?” Vellyta interupted again.
“Vel, don’t disturb them. Don’t destroy the beautiful moment.” said Rey who sat next to Steffy.
And then, Tony continued to say again.
“But swear, Steff. I’m serious about it. I love you so much. Would you be my princess? Please, don’t say no.”
Soon, Steffy replied, “Tony, neither you’re handsome or have sixth pack, I want to become your girlfriend. You have proved your love. You’re really able to make me safe. Also, I'm getting surprised for what you do at the Marvin’s.”
“ So it means…”
“Tony, honestly,  I like you either. I used to like you as a friend. I like you, because you’re smart. But now, otherwise I like you as a lover. Yeah, Tony. I want to have guardian angel like you. I’m agree to be your princess.” said Steffy
Tony was grin after he had heard Steffy’s answer.
“Wow! Once more, wow. The couple is born in this car. And, guys, I think, it’s time to treat us. Surely, treat with the delicious foods.” teased Vellyta.
            “Hey, guys. That’s a café. Five bowl of meatball can make us happy, Ton. No need to think it out again.” said Dodo with appointing the meatball café in front of the car.
            “Hahaha. Okay guys, pull over there. This time, I will treat you meatball.” Tony responded their teasing.
            “Hoooraaay!!! Okay I will pull over there.” said Vellyta.
            Soon they had arrived at the café. After that, they directly went out from the car. They were ready to taste the meatball in the special day of both Steffy and Tony.
            When they were walking to the café, Tony approached Steffy and whispered to her ear. “Steffy, I love a pretty monster like you. I love you so much, Steffy.”
            After the whispering, she got blush again.



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