Monday, May 4, 2015

The Wonderful of the Children

This is one of the risk I have to bear for taking lot of the nice photos. Hahaha. My sendal had gotten so dirty after taking the photos of the children who lived in the small village near an estate I lived. Anyway, also I had to waste my ashameness. Well, as a photographer, we don't need to be a shy guy (or woman). Isn't right? Tell me if I'm wrong. 

Today, I am about to share my photos again. For this chance, the theme is... 


These are why I love the children so bad. They are pure, innocent, so exciting, so hilarious, and... seeing both of their faces and acts, I feel so calm. Making me forget my problems for just a moment. ROTFL (read: rolling on the floor laughing. In Indonesian, ngakak guling-guling) ! xD

When some of the children were looking at the other angle, shit! Two of them even saw me. It made this photo unnatural. -_-

"Hey, you are really skillful to fly the kite!"

Finding out the cele fish. What is cele? Please, google it! Lol. Anyway, sometimes I dislikes the moment I get the answer: "Please google it!" Nowadays most of people get indifferent--and so harsh. 

Tryin to fly a kite. 


(cont) "It's time to go home, anyway,"

Cele oh Cele, where are you? 

And, I'm gonna to splash you. 

Guess what! What the kids is looking at? 

Result of the hardwork. 

Having bike. 

A kid on the motorcycle. 

A mama boy.

"Let's fly the kite!"

That's not a levitation. In fact, he really touched the ball. Lol. 

Sorry, kiddo, it's out!

It's turning to the a wrestling. 

A girl can play football, too. 

Hahaha. Why  would it turn into a commedy? 

Behind a web.

"GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!!!!" scream an Eden Hazard wannabe. 


Tryin to save the goal post. 

Blocked by two cute girls. 

Like a professional footballer. 

"Loving the kid, loving the kid,..." (In Indonesian, "Sayang anak, sayang anak,...")


Why they run so fast and gloomy? 

(cont) Oh they're afraid of the golden retriever. 

Set the blitz, and....
well, they even saw me. >_<