Tuesday, May 27, 2014

You Know, This World is Quite Tight!

Have you ever had the experience? You had a friend. Just called him/her X. Then, time so flew. Someday, you would know that X had a friendship with your other friend either. Before it had happened, X and Y were never into friendship each other. If you reask to me, I say, "Yes".

Yeah, I frequently seen the phenomena. Such often. But the moment where I'd got the phenomena clearly is the way I walked around in the last 2010. Either around November or December. Permit me to say the real name for telling the story. I promise I won't decay anyone. Here the story is.

In November 2010, after winning a blog contest, lot of bloggers had recognized me. Ups, in fact, after having myself busy in blogosphere very exactly. So then, I made friendships with some bloggers. One of them is a very skilled illustrator whom I quite admire. He's Thomas Kurniawan. Yeah, I admire him so bad. Multi-talenta. Okay-okay, enough. The point that I will say is... wow, I'm such surprised that he had friendship with my high school friend -- on Facebook.It's a girl; Selvie is her name. When I asked him about that, TK -- his nick -- honestly answered, "I met her in an event -- a kind of retreat." Wow! That's one example.

Second sample. Several days ago, my other blogger friend mentioned me on Twitter -- exactly. A girl. You just call her Melissa. This Melissa asked me, "Nuel, do you know Luther either? He's my ex-boyfriend, you know." All of you need to know that Luther was my college friend. A fellow in the way I struggle to reach Bachelor of Law. Fantastic, right? A mesmerised coincidental thing.

One sample again. This is the last.

After having my birthday party (26/5), the day after, I opened my Facebook account. Scrolling one by one of my friends' update. And then, afterwards, ta-da, just found out this phenomena again. Out of my knowledge, my college friend already had friendship with one of my blogger friend. In my analysist -- and it's probably true, Dwi (my college friend's name) met Una in a prep school that is located at Jakarta.

Man oh man. The world where we live in is so tight. When we're having friendship with anyone, you need to know that the friend was probably a friend for anyone whom we recognized. That's why I just quoted the way. The world is really so large in the fact. But, for the phenomena, It seems to be tight. Very tight. Thus, It has us to get into the friendship each other undirectly. We meet anyone, and the one is the other friend of ours. So funny. It tickles me a lot.

How about you, guys? Have you ever had this experience? Please, tell me! I wanna hear so bad. =D