Tuesday, April 1, 2014

10 Most Recommended Movies - Episode: April

As usual, i write it down randomly. Check it out!

1. Lovely Complex (2006)
An old japanese movie. Based on an Aya Nakahara's comic. The movie tells about a love between a short guy and a tall girl. I love the plot (Really unique and no cliche) and the way the director (Kitaji Ishikawa) make the movie. Funny, simple, such impressing, and such entertaining. And i love the message of the movie. Yeah if we love anyone, we had better not take a thing serious like height matter.
RATE: 85

2. Fujoshi Kanojo (2009)
Again and again, based on comic - Pentabu's comic. Tells about a love between  ordinary man and a fujoshi otaku woman. Hmm, i got mermerised while watching the ordinary man. He really loves the girlfriend, even she's an odd chronic fujoshi. The quote i love: "Otaku darou to, fujoshi darou to, daisuki." (even you're either an otaku or fujoshi, i still love you). Nice funny romance movie.
RATE: 85

3. Usagi Drop (2011)
Based on Yumi Unita's comic. Tells about a meeting between a guy and a little. Actually the little girl was his aunt. An incident approached his grandpa. The grandpa was made love to a woman mangaka, and then the woman got pregnant. That's why the man disliked the little girl first. But, step by step, he began to love and give respect to the little girl. A such touching movie. Last but not least, even based on a comic, the movie is really like a newly movie. Very quite different with the comic. 
RATE: 100

4. Toilet no Kamisama (2011)
Based on a 9:52 song from Kana Uemura. The song is her reminder of the grandmother. So then when we shall play the song, the song is like a solilloquy. Like a rap music, too. And the message of the song will be delivered anymore by this movie. By the way, i will tell about the story little. When she was a little girl, her friend was the grandma only; her mama and the siblings ignored her. The grandma was always be on her side. One little funny thing that i remember from the movie: God will be coming, if your toilet is clean. It already tickled me indeed. Lol. 
RATE: 90

5. Cold Eyes (2013)
Being a secret agent is not easy. Yeah, that is a hidden message of the movie. About a woman's learning to be an agent. First she had had really hardest time. She did many silly mistakes frequently for her clumsiness and carelessness. But she didn't give up on the dream. Slow but sure, at last, she succesfully showed up the amazing skill at the matter of spy. A such touching tense movie.
RATE: 100

6. Non-Stop (2014)
A piracy inside a plane's flying over the ocean. And an air marshal was accused as the suspect for the misery past; so then he was so die-hard to prove that he's not the suspect. Really a quite good mystery-thriller movie. We can't guess the plot till the end of the movie. Very unpredictable. Hmm, for your information, the movie recalled me of one whole incident. It is MH370 incident. I've dreamt that the plane got pirated, too. Very silly, i think. Lol.
RATE: 100

7. Mother, A Japanese Drama (2010)
A quite complex Japanese drama that i ever watched. Such unpredictable. Very touching and has your tears dropped heavily. About a teacher kidnapped her student forcily for the abuse that the little girl had. First Rena (name of the little girl) judged the teacher as a teacher. But slowly  the teacher was really a mother for her. Even her real mother reappeared to her life and apologized, she would keep a desire to stay by her teacher's side. At last, i got melted while watching the last episode.
Total of episode: 11
RATE: 100

8. Ototo / About Her Brother (2010)
About a pharmacist widow who has shameless little brother. Even her little brother often did shameful things everyday, she kept loving. Especially the little brother was in agony. Actually i never knew what the film was made for. Clueless. But i think, we can take something out from this movie. We can recognize that the Japaneses was (probably) shy and respectful. The both is showed up to us such bluntly.
RATE: 75

9. Futatsu no Love Story (2012)
One of episode from a Japanese drama, Fukuoka Renai Hakusho. This is the seventh episode. And tells about a girl keep struggling her first love till she succesfully married with the guy whom she loved. Very entertaining drama. Very nice, too. For the episode, i have been searching for the rest. Because maybe the other episodes are as nice as the one.
RATE: 85

10. Don't Click (2012)
A very nice thriller Korea movie. About a girl loves watching forbidden video. Because of that, she had had some scary incidents. Even the movie is not such creepy, as connoisseurs of thriller/horror movie, i'm such satisfied. The movie has my adrenaline tempestuous. Such unpredictable too.
RATE: 90

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