Shania, This is the Meaning of You to Me!

👦 From Immanuel Lubis
👱 To Crescentia Shania Junianatha
👫 It's made from a very my deepest heart!

Anyway, thank for all of your patience, Shania. I am not perfect. But, I'm trying to be perfect guy for you, such as, taking you so full, both of your good things and bad things, both of your past and your present. Looking at this photo, I'm very grateful. It has been giving one adding life slot to me. Proud to know, meet, love, and own you and your heart! Love you so much!

Day by day, by you, I've learned how the very beautiful life is. Life is more prettier than I guess backwards. And, you are the prettiest of the beautiful things from this life which I guessed it's very harsh.