Top Ten of My Models

1. Michelin, one of visitors in JAKJAPAN MATSURI 2015.

2. Bella, one of cosplayers in JAKJAPAN 2015.

3. Ayu, one of the cosplayers in AFA ID 2015

4. HH Boy (Humble Hilarious Boy), anyone whom I already met twice. First, American Superheroes Convention. Second, in Comic Con 2015.

5. Arra, an Ukainian girl, one of the SPGs in Grand Internationan Indonesia Automobile Show 2015.

6. Johnny Siagian, my big cousin.

7. Erland David, my besties.

8. +kausar armada sukardi, anyone who taught me lot of photography techniques.

9. Alexander Bobby Wijaya, anyone who always supports me not to give up very easily.

10. Roby Junians with two pretty cosplayers.

And, which is you love the most?



  1. jadi inget jaman foto sama cosplayer :D

  2. Kapan tulis versi dewasanya? Top 10 JAV star? Wakakakakaka

    1. Hahaha

      Udah lama enggak nonton Jav, Ven. Udah ga tau perkembangannya lagi.



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