Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Skyscraper Expo in Jakarta

Today, I'm about to post my work as a photographer again. For right now, the theme is skyscraper. Please, enjoy (Jakarta)! ROTFL!

Anyway, I've given you a trust to see these photos without watermark. Hopefully all of you won't take advantage from all of these. Please being the cultured people!

"We all are in the first position to serve you all." - Policemen and policewomen. 

Under construction #1.

"Hey, dude, you are not the part of us. Please keep away!" - One of the Taman Anggrek's building. 

BRI n the forest. 

Under construction #2. 

Traffic Jam is under 'Taman Anggrek's.

Screen of Taman Anggrek. 

Under construction #3.

4 Indonesian flags and 4 buildings.

In the shade of X.

Gedung Veteran is under.

"Ho-ho-ho! I'm still taller than you," said a palm tree to a building. 

A harmony (between modernism and nature). 

In the middle of...

Even a skyscraper needs the make-up either.

Peeping on two giants
Well, this is how feeling we live in the middle of the giants. 

Even Jakarta is messy this way, I love my capital city. 

A crane in the middle (and in the far away). 

Accompanying the traffic.  

Peeping (again and again, yeah I'm not creative!) on the traffic. 

Show of the vehicle.

A bridge and the buildings. 

Forest in the connotation and dennotation.

This is not in Puncak; still in Jakarta. And try to guess--where? xD

Always blue, blue, and blue. Proud of the Chelsea fans. Oops, my secreat is revealed. :p

A cage of life (in the big town). 

Blue versus Green