Wednesday, April 23, 2014

10 Most-Memorable Books I Ever Read

Hello, konnichiwa! Good afternoon!

Today is special day for the bookworms. Because this day is the world's book day (Kya-kya-kya!). So then, i will recommend you some books. Check it out!

Do not ever forget that i would this randomly! Ho-ho-ho! Anyway, so sorry if you feel that i was too sentimental to make this review. =D

1. Rantau 1 Muara, by Ahmad Fuadi (2013)
Among his previous novels, i prefer this. I don't know why, but i can feel the author's feeling, especially the beginning parts of the novel. Furthermore, consept 'Man Jadda Wajadda' is felt the most from the book.
RATE: 100

2. Dua Belas Pasang Mata (Original title: Nijushi no Hitomi), by Sakae Tsuboi (1952)
A writer, Bernard Batubara, ever told that the most of Japanese novels had the slow rhythm. Time so flew; and i felt he's right. Nijushi no Hitomi is one of the Japanese novels that he meant, i guess. The rhythm is so slow. The cause that i can catch is the way the novel has such comprehensive description. More description, less dialogue. By the way, this is the first of my Japanese novel either. 
RATE: 100

3. Hijau, by Agnes Jessica (2010)
This is the first of my Christianity-themed novel. Yeah, all this time, i was so rare to find out the kind of the novel. And you need to know, i found the novel at the cheap books exhibition. Lucky me! The price is Rp 15,000; and i've got some precious lessons, especially Christianity's values.
 RATE: 95

4. Milana, by Bernard Batubara (2013)
By the book, i must admit that the author was born as writer -- or probably a poet -- indeed. I love the diction. I love the quirk that he played. He's the good wordsmith i ever knew.
RATE: 100

5. Romantic Cooking, by Dyah Ayu "Itik Bali" (2013)
So funny. The author had me so tickled -- while reading the novel. She seemed to take Korea setting, but she forgot about the diction. So, the novel looks like Korean teenlit. So creative the writer is. I love the consept that she tried to give to the readers. The novel is simple, funny, and so impressing.
RATE: 90

6.  Maya Maia, by Devania Annesya (2013)
For the long time, i never found out the novel that has accentuated the plot, instead of the description. Description, i admit, is important. But too-much descriptions has me bored. And the author succesfully has me to be moved by the plot she gave. I love the plot, i love the consept, i love the wordplay. Umph, i'm so impressed with the novel. Especially so impressed with the title -- so unique. I think, some people had already bought the novel for the title; not for the cover.
RATE: 100

7. Infamous, by Silvia Arnie (2010)
In fact, i love the story, even it's little cliche and recalled me to a television movie. But i'm gonna recall the novel for one reason. It is the author's wordplay. The setting is probably in Indonesia. But for the wordplay, i feel as if i was living at the middle of nowhere country; country where the people speak up two language as major language -- Indonesian and English.
RATE: 75

8. Hantu Kepala Sekolah (Original title: Yuurei ni Yobareta Kouchou Sensei), an anthology (1993)
The book is a part of the serie that the publisher (read: Elex Media Komputindo) had  released. The contents is fully about the ghost stories which happened at Japan. So recommended for all of you, who are interested to Japanese's mystical stories.
RATE: 100

9. Seoulmate Is You, by Lia Indra Andriana (2012)
Forget the rushy ending. Seoulmate is You -- and the previous, Seoulmate -- is the good fictional novel. I admire the author's imagination. Somehow, the kind of author is so rarely found out in Indonesia. Indonesian fictional novel is still rare to find out at Indonesia.
RATE: 85

10. Life of Pi, by Yann Martel (2001)
The movie is fantastic, but the novel is more fantastic. That's probably great novel i ever read. The author had me to thought that the story had been a purely fiction. Otherwise the plot is based on true story. Completely love the story, love the wordplay, and love the composition. Very highly recommended.
RATE: 100

* The picts is from my private documentation, except the number nine. I have already  taken that from here. .