Monday, December 2, 2013

A Letter to Santa

Dear Santa!

How are you? Me? I'm... errr... yeah you can say i'm alright. Santa, Santa, how about North Pole? What season? How cold? Absolutely cold. Yeah, i know. How about Rudolf, too, Santa? Is he okay? I hope, no. I'm bored, if he's gonna take the first position anymore. Please, Santa, change the deer. 

Hahaha... enough for the silly of beginning conversation. Because, i write this for a reason. Ehem-ehem, here is what i want for christmas:

1. I want a macbook
2. I want a touchscreen cell
3. A bunch of interesting novel
4. Camera DSLR
5. Playstation Portable
6. A ticket to Japan, Puerto Rico, or Paris
7. A girlfriend like Selena Gomez or at least Cindy Gulla (or Rena Nozawa)
8. A Doraemon's pocket
9. A rocket to go to the outer space

Ah-ah-ah, i'm confused, Santa. Eventually, my wish is so lot. Thus, i'm confused to write down here. Hahahaha.... I hope you will make my dreams come true. Pleeeeeaseeee, Santaaaa!!! Don't make my christmas day most-horrible. I don't want this christmas will be the bad like the previous. 

A very-very-very good charming man