Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lima hal yang unik-nggak-unik

1. This Fried Rice is designed like this, by my campus friend. I don't know what he's thinking of, when he designed a fried egg like this. Maybe, he's stress for undergraduate-thesis? :P

2. Don't be misguided by the first impression. Maybe, the way you see the cake, you may call it 'onde-onde'. But when you taste it, umpph.... yeah, the taste resembles mochi cake's. I admit, the pastry cake is such a creative. 

3. This is not like your imagination. The happening is otherwise. Yeah, a lady was teached to operate facebook by a kid. A really kid indeed. Therefore, the kid still studied at Elementary School. I was little bit tickled, when i saw them.  I think, if the lady was teached by a high school/campus student, it would not be  weird. But the fact, that person is a elementary school student. Very strange, for me. :D

4. For the whole time, i think, Mr. Bean's car could be looked from his films only. In the present, we hardly find it out. But, one day, i found it out at the housing where i lived. And my question: where did they find out the car, like this? And how much?

5. For this time, i'm still confused with the pict of heads at the most of barber shops, especially the small barber shop, like this. Look! With the pict, which has lot of kind hairdos, has the barber skill to make a hairdo - based on that pict? Ummphh... Or, is the pict a just display? :P