Tuesday, September 6, 2011

REVIEW BLOG: The Kimi Daily

Author : Kimi, or real name AR (Sorry, i can't give you her real name. I appreciate her choice for being anonymous, even i know her real name. )
URL : http://www.arghett.blogspot.com/

Umph, i knew her blog last year. I remember, i visited hers when she was posting about Pesta Blogger. She wrote that she felt she's not enjoy the meeting. Because she felt strange. No one she known. Yeah, i can understand about it.

And since the moment, i often visit her blog. Her blog is simple from lay out. Very simple. Like alis-tebal, shed' rather like to show her writing than make her blogs prettier. Her content's is nice. She constantly to use formal Indonesia, even just little. Nobody's perfect, guys. Hehehe...! :p But i'm salute to her intention for showing her loving of Indonesia Language.  I'm proud of you, Kimi.

Oh yeah, she's Lampungnese who studied in University of Indonesia, my dreaming campus. She took Psychology and she have graduated last Jule. Congratulation, Kimi !

Interacting in cyber, she like to use anonymous identity. Her name, her face is anonymous. No one from her followers know her identity till meet her in real. Person like Kimi is wonderful. Because they can make new identity to close their real and make the others curious.Moreover, they have done it constantly.

You can see the pict, right! I always imagine that she's really had beautiful face. Because, i've never met her in real. I just know her real name, not her identity.

But i think, she's so pretty, mature, intellegence, and tomboy (  I dunno it in english. ). The last word because she's very like football, especially, futsal. I think so, she's not different with mostly woman. 

Because she's unique. Anti-climax with characteristic of woman basically. She's also like to give name for her private stuffs. For example, she named her blackberry, Bing. :D Unique, right? I seldom see the person who like name their stuffs. Very rare.

Oh yeah, i'm forget. Her blog is personal blog. So, the contents is all about her. We can know little from her life and her mind. I swear, you can enjoy her writing which show her mature. And, check it out, guys!