Unforgettable moment in my senior high school

I had an unforgettable and funniest moment in my school, Tarakanita last August 2006. This story was happened in the English time. My Teacher, Mrs Dewi asked us for assembling in the English Lab. Because we would done listening test.

We all assembled in the Lab. And I felt ready with listening test although I would certainly fail in the listening test. My friend, Yulius and Prianto was asked to take radio from Administration Room. It’s about five minutes again, they came. But Mrs Dewi had came yet. Because Mrs Dewi hadn’t came, Yulius begun show his silly act. Dangdut Song from radio by Yulius turned on. We all happy. We thinked that it wasn’t wrong if we little had fun. Suddenly, Mrs Dewi came. She was surprised when she was seeing this happening. She was angry and went out from Lab. Because they felt guilty, Yulius and Prianto followed her to ask for pardon. After that, they had come back. They informed that Mrs Dewi had asked for the listening and writting Dangdut Song from Radio as punishment. It’s very hard. Because it couldn’t be repeat again. Only once hearing. Then it might be translated into English. We had to do the strange task. We listened the silly song. We wrote and translated it.When we were doing it, Mrs Dewi was came. She looked fed up. After finishing the task, we were directly scolded and given by her an advise. She advised that we had to be seriously with task from our teachers.

I was really shocked with that moment. Because mistake from one student, I and my classmate might account for his mistake.


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